Dispelling NDP Lies

NDP Propaganda - EPIC FAIL

NDP Propaganda – EPIC FAIL  (Img Edited: KCS)

This piece of New Democratic Propaganda has been making its rounds on social media since late February of 2015.

What is infuriating about this meme, released by Canada’s NDP, is how misleading the statements are made .

So, I decided to do a little digging and see if there was any truth to the claims made.  I googled, read articles and spoke to other social media participants and one individual in particular spelled it all out for me.  Peter Marage of Common Sense Revolution: Just Say No To Socialism & Divisive Politics joins us to explain what this meme is really about and quickly dispels the myths surrounding its claims.

“Here is exactly how this piece of propaganda is defeated, quite easily too I might add.
Bear with me…

The Navigable Waters Act is exactly that “Navigable” This means that the ponds and streams down the road do not fall under this act because they can not be used to transport people or goods.

That aside, heres the important part:

Each province has ultimate say over its resources including water.
For example Alberta’s oil sands are Alberta’s domain because its a natural resource. NO federal government can come into Alberta and start taking control, possession or ownership of them, they are Alberta’s.
The Navigable Waters Act declassified all provincial bodies because it is out of their jurisdiction to begin with.
The MAIN reason they were declassified is because the federal department for protecting waterways was a duplication of an already existing department that each province already has.
In an attempt to save tax dollars (demanded by the socialist left) the Federal government did the right thing by declassifying something that is already the responsibility of the provinces, not the feds.

This NDP crap would have people believe that they no longer have any protection and were going to start dumping raw sewage and most certainly dirty Alberta oil straight into our rivers and lakes.”

How can we trust the NDP to be honest with us, when they spread such blatant lies and disinformation?  The answer to that is, we can’t.  Next time you see an NDP meme circulating on social media, please don’t be too quick to believe it at face value.  Read between the lines.

About Kevin

Kevin is a Canadian citizen, writer & blogger.
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27 Responses to Dispelling NDP Lies

  1. Kathryn Elliott says:

    thankyou Kevin never once have I seen T Muclair out on the trent canal system the lock maters and the trent are well run and managed

  2. ET says:

    The NDP are always a day late a dollar short. Typically left headed and wrong .

  3. Ken Miller says:

    Kevin is a Canadian citizen, blogger and writer and a hard core conservative spin doctor.
    Harper destroyed the navigable waters act so that Fort Mac
    area could use the waters as a dumping area and in the process pollute the surrounding area and in the meantime using Mike Harris, common sense revolution spin. Look at all the fish down stream that have been polluted and deformed. Fish that previously fed the native population. If Kevin, who thinks the surrounding waters are pristine waters, tried drinking it and eating fish from the area, he would know why people like Neil Young would see the Fort Mack area resemble a war zone area. When I worked in the Uranium City area mining in the early 70 s and regularly flew over the area, the surrounding area
    was habitable, and is now a toxic environment . Ken Miller

    t .

    • Ziggy Eckardt says:

      Why do you reply to Kevin if you either ignore what he had to say or you do not understand it. In either case, it simply displays your ignorance. By the way, if you had ever looked around Fort Mac you would have noticed that the Athabasca has lots of fishermen who catch and eat the fish and people such as Neil Young have no interest in dispelling urban myths about deformed fish… And, while I am at it, the first written accounts of the area included mention of oil seeping out of the river banks, which the Natives used to waterproof their canoes… Those seeps will disappear once the oil has been harvested and, by the way, those involved are obliged to return the land to it’s original state! What would we do if we did not have people like you, worrying and complaining about nothing.

      • Ross Haskell says:

        @Ziggy Echardt Well said.

      • Return the area to it’s original state? It will never be returned to its original state! It would be a monumental task of which no oil company is capable. It’s like saying we’ll rehabilitate the surface of the Moon. Can’t be done. Besides, the oil companies will only do the bare minimum of what government imposes upon them. In this country, Big Oil is running the show, not the government.

      • Ziggy Eckardt says:

        Why do you make such paranoid statements? If it is true what you are saying, why do the oil companies not just ignore government and the law? Why do they not just go ahead and build a pipeline?

    • Dave says:

      Nice comment ken. To bad it’s mostly made up drivel with no basis in reality.

  4. Ken Miller says:

    Kevin says the ponds and streams in the tar sands cannot be used to transport goods and people, how does he believe the natives living in the area got around in the fur trapping areas and hunting for a living, before big oil companies polluted, deformed and killed off all the living species in the area.

    • Jim Bob says:

      Try pulling your head out of your ass and taking a deep breath, I think your own crap is clouding your judgment

    • Clarence says:

      Ken; the Athabasca river and it’s tributaries are still flowing like always. Same direction as well. People with their own agendas have been circulating these stories. FABRICATIONS!!! Go see for yourself! !

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  6. Elva says:

    Ken Miller dose not understand English maybe if you spoke to him in a foreign language he would understand it is like talking to a brick wall.

    • Ziggy Eckardt says:

      Elva, you are bang on! (I read someone’s comment: “I wish I spoke stupid! Then I could reply to you in your own language…” Do you think it fits here?)

      • Clarence says:

        This is what people have been fed..it’s disgusting what the self made “environmentalists” have propagated..it suits the let’s agenda

  7. Terry Saxton says:

    Kevin, you are a typical reformist and with that comes your willingness to lie and smear to put your agenda forward ,and because most believe what they read, this is the audience you are aiming at,good luck,it’s getting smaller with every lie and scandal Harpee and his ilk are getting caught at,with more of the same in your future.

    • Ziggy Eckardt says:

      Terry, did it occur to you that when you accuse someone of lying and smearing you could at least produce your own version? We others could then judge who is lying. By just making wild accusations your comments are automatically dismissed…

      • Jan Chobaniuk says:

        This is generally the case I have found on social media lots of rhetoric usually nothing to back up the accusations at least more than a meme or some comment by a celebrity

  8. steve says:

    Blah blah blah . Both sides make shit up. don’t act like Harpers government has never done the same . How about instead of shit talking and story making we get some real politicians aka Real People in office and start actually getting shit done …

    • Ziggy Eckardt says:

      Steve, the reason I would prefer you to stay out of office, is, because I do not like to see the stuff produced you seem to have surrounded yourself with.

    • Jan Chobaniuk says:

      Gee I thought the Conservative have done lots of positive things

  9. Brad Vogen says:

    It’s not a lie. The only thing that’s misleading is your attempt to make it so. Have a look: http://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/attempts-to-protect-canada-s-lakes-rivers-all-but-abandoned-analysis-1.2542313

    • Ziggy Eckardt says:

      Brad, your article stated that cutbacks were implemented and changes should have been made in 2004. Mr. Harper did not become Prime Minister until 2006.

  10. Jonathan Therrien says:

    Before to post something, you should at least validate your source of informations. Otherwise you are making a fool of yourself. On that note, have a nice weekend.

  11. chillout520 says:

    Interesting take. however, I would like to say that, in my experience as the spouse of an engineer who designs roads and bridges over waters, that the one big change that happens now is that there is no oversight of that construction. If you have to put a pier in a river / stream etc, you used to have to get approval under the Act and ensure that what you were doing had minimal environmental impact. Now, no such restrictions exist. Nobody is watching to ensure that construction is not damaging our environment. And while my husband is happy to have one less piece of red tape to deal with, I’m not sure that it is the best for the Canadian environment to not have some oversight.

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