Sex-Ed: We Didn’t Start the Fire


I have no problems with basic biology being taught in our school system.  Where my primary concern lies is the new radical sexual education program designed by a pedophile is forced upon our students.

It is a wonder how the generations or the current millennials managed to survive this long.  Now we have a fundamental disconnect with the proposed changes to the curriculum.  And yeah, I am talking about that new sex-ed component to the sex-ed curriculum.

Did you need an instruction manual before you experienced your first kiss?  Did you need a manual to figure out how the whole intercourse thing works?  I doubt it.  Odds are you did just fine figuring out all by yourself.

Students are graduating from Ontario Schools without a basic solid understanding of mathematics.  Our test scores come in consistently under par.  Our students can’t pass a basic math test.

When a grade seven student can’t accurately calculate the sum of two fractions, it becomes more apparent that we are failing our kids.  Those that do go one to graduate still don’t know the first thing about how to write, maintain and balance a family budget.  They don’t know how to vote, they don’t even realize the importance of that endeavor.

To say nothing of nomenclature; phrases like LOL and OMG become the norm and students think that cursive is a form of profane words rather than a form of script.

When students in primarily urban centers tell me that a chicken’s egg is made in the grocery store, I see it all to clearly… we’re failing our kids.

When a student can graduate without a basic understanding of mathematics or historical concepts, but can graduate because ‘we just won’t leave any student behind’, it becomes a problem.

Did you learn about the War of 1812 or Russians in Afghanistan while in school?  Did you learn how to balance a budget?  Did you learn about the democratic process?  Did you learn why voting is so important to our democracy?  Did you learn how to write a cheque?

We didn’t start the fire.  We did ignite it, but we are not doing a good enough job to extinguish the flames.

And now we have a generation of self-entitled brats who speak to their parents and authority figures in such a manner that would have earned the rest of us a slap in the face.

Education starts young… but then so does indoctrination.

What’s more important?  Teaching kids about anal and oral sex at the tender age of 12, or teaching them that they have a role in society?

You tell me.  Do you honestly believe the province is on the right track teaching our students the important things of life, or do you think we missed the target?  If a student can’t tell the difference between ‘to too or two’ or ‘there they’re their’, but can tell you all about consent and anal/oral sex, don’t you think a re-evaluation of our priorities is in order?

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Kevin is a Canadian citizen, writer & blogger.
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One Response to Sex-Ed: We Didn’t Start the Fire

  1. Gail Dyer says:

    Right on Kevin – you have hit the nail on the head. Even back in the seventies and certainly the eighties – I was shocked that I had to teach my summer students at the hospital how to write a business letter. They had no clue and these kids had at least one year of university. One had to write a business letter when they were applying for a job. I am so glad I was born when I was – I have been out of high school for 50 years. It seems the education system is becoming worse every few years and I don’t see it getting any better.

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