Hydro Whoa!

11173404_10153353131509924_6061904504698273094_n“Ombudsman Andre Marin issued a special report Monday accusing Hydro One of lying to officials and to the government about the scope of billing problems created by its new computer system.” – Global News, The Canadian Press

“They obstructed and lied to the minister of energy’s office, the board of directors and the Ontario Energy Board,” Marin stated when he released his report.

Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli is either grossly incompetent or a manipulating moron.  Granted the energy sector of this once great province of Ontario has been in decline since the introduction of the Green Energy Act under Dalton McGuinty.

And under the liberals and Kathleen Wynne, hydro rates continue to soar while the ratepayer gets no real return on taxpayer funded initiatives to shift toward so-called ‘green energy’.

And just how have the Ontario Taxpayers benefited?  Ha.  Trick question.  We didn’t benefit, our losses are of epic proportions.  Did you know that these renewables require more crude oil to build than if we simply burned the fossil fuel instead?  Did you know that wind power on its best day only counts for three percent of all power generated in Ontario? Did you also know that Ontario generates more power than it consumes and that we PAY other jurisdictions to take our excess?  We don’t sell it, we pay New York and Quebec to take our excess energy.

Did you know that the Green Energy Act was forced down our throats, with no real debate or discussion in the legislature?  Did you know that every wind farm project got the green light without adequate health and environmental assessments?

If one wishes to build a pipeline or expand upon utilizing crude or nuclear power, they are subject to about five to ten years of environmental and Human health assessments.  But if one wants to build a giant bird blender here in Ontario, sure go ahead.  We won’t ask any questions.  We seem to like these pathetic and useless ‘feel good’ measures to tackle the non-existent problem some have dubbed global warming or climate change.  Typical liberal logic… sell a solution to a non-existent problem by bribing the taxpayers with their own money.  But I digress.

A choice between paying for hydro or bringing home groceries now exists within many Ontario Households.  And for what?  Nothing.  Our consumption rates didn’t increase; we conserved.  The greed of the liberals and HydroOne increased.

Take one look at the Sunshine list.  Look at how many OPG and HydroOne executives are taking home in excess of $100k/yr.  It would appear that Ontario Power Generation CEO Tom Mitchell topped the list again with $1.55 million in salary and benefits.

I know I am not alone in this plight.  Many Ontarians are forced to choose between eating and hydro.  My only question to Ontario residents and businesses is WHERE THE HELL IS THE OUTRAGE?

Take for example when Dalton McGuinty first tried to reform the sex-ed curriculum.  He was shot down by the outrage of parents.  Parents stood up and declared that it was unacceptable, and the legislation was shelved.  In other words, standing up to your government does make a difference.

So why is the electorate of Ontario bearing a striking resemblance to the sound of crickets when it comes to their hydro bills?  Families are choosing to go dark in favour of a cold meal.  Why aren’t people up in arms against this unfair treatment?

Do something about it Ontario.

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Kevin is a Canadian citizen, writer & blogger.
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4 Responses to Hydro Whoa!

  1. Scott Pettapiece says:

    What do we do they have a majority, so its cart Blanche.

  2. Judy says:

    check out the facebook group : hydro one: enough is enough

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