Bill C-51: Facts, Myths & Unfounded Fears

Image Source: CBC

Image Source: CBC

If there is one thing we’ve all heard by now is the media hype surrounding the Conservative’s controversial Bill C-51.

C-51 is “An Act to enact the Security of Canada Information Sharing Act and the Secure Air Travel Act, to amend the Criminal Code, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and to make related and consequential amendments to other Acts (short title: Investigative Powers for the 21st  Century Act)”.

Part one of the bill, Security of Canada Information Sharing Act deals with streamlining interactions and information between the various government agencies directly involved with the Security of Canada; agencies such as Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canada Border Services Agency.

From Part one: “Whereas Parliament recognizes that information needs to be shared — and disparate information needs to be collated — in order to enable the Government to protect Canada and its people against activities that undermine the security of Canada;

Whereas information in respect of activities that undermine the security of Canada is to be shared in a manner that is consistent with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the protection of privacy;”

Section 3 of Part 1 states, “The purpose of this Act is to encourage and facilitate the sharing of information among Government of Canada institutions in order to protect Canada against activities that undermine the security of Canada.”

Roughly translated, the goal of this provision is information sharing.  CSIS has its own resources and intelligence; so do the RCMP.  It is prudent that these two agencies be able to share intelligence and resources to avoid duplication.  In other words, say CSIS is the government’s left hand and RCMP is the right hand.  Currently, there is a substantial risk of the government’s left hand not knowing what the right was doing.  This act attempts to streamline the sharing of information, intelligence and resources in a manner consistent with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the protection of privacy.  The keyword is ‘consistent’.  After this bill becomes law, citizens will still be protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The purpose of this bill is not to take away your rights.  The purpose of this bill is to streamline and find efficiencies between various Security Agencies.

It should be noted that this bill’s short title is the Anti-terrorism Act, 2015 and does not refer to the entirety of C-51, but rather specifically Part One of C-51 otherwise known as Security of Canada Information Sharing Act.

Part two of C-51, Secure Air Travel Act deals with changes to flight safety and security.  This bill’s short title is simply, Secure Air Travel Act.

The Secure Air Travel Act is “an Act to enhance security relating to transportation and to prevent air travel for the purpose of engaging in acts of terrorism.”

Craig Forcese and Kent Roach, legal scholars, note, “We should welcome the government’s efforts to put certain important programs—such as Canada’s so-called “no-fly” list—on firmer legal footing. That list has existed for some time, but was cobbled together on the basis of a slender statutory basis with inadequate checks and balances.”

Basically, Part two modernizes air security in conjunction with current laws.  Sections 9 through 14 outline how this streamlining process shall occur.

Part three of C-51 deal with updating terminology to amend the Criminal Code of Canada, modernizing it and bringing it into the 21st Century.  Parts four and five of C-51 likewise do the same.

Bill C-51, Investigative Powers for the 21st  Century Act, modernizes and streamlines the whole process of keeping Canadians safe and secure; while still being protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

It should be noted that this bill was introduced by the Federal Conservatives and that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has agreed that his party will support it.

Bill C-51 is freely available for viewing in its entirety on the website.

Why all the controversy?

Several environmental and aboriginal groups are protesting this bill for fear that their very act of protesting will constitute a direct threat to Canadian security and that they will be arrested and prosecuted.

But unless they are planning on committing an egregious act of terrorism, there is nothing in this bill that would take away from their ability to peacefully protest the government.

Unless a group plans to violate Canadian Law, the legal right to peacefully protest is still protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

But lack of understanding and fear mongering by radical environmental activists or by radical Aboriginal groups has quickly spread to media pundits, politicians in Opposition to the government and public figures.

There is no justification for breaking the law; either before or after Bill C-51.  Peaceful protests outside the Parliament Buildings or other government offices are legal; protesting outside business is legal.  Trespassing on private property or vandalizing either public or private property is illegal.  And blowing up a piece of Canada is most certainly illegal.

Those same environmental groups and aboriginal groups that engage in criminal behaviour would be considered a threat to Canadian security.

Aboriginal protesters that blockade a rail line, effectively shutting down a major rail route are illegal practices.  It was illegal before Bill C-51 and will continue to be illegal after Bill C-51.

Environmental protesters, most notably Greenpeace activists who break into buildings and vandalize contents or the building itself are breaking the law.  That practice was also illegal before Bill C-51 and will continue to be illegal after the introduction of C-51.

But this important distinction has fallen on deaf ears.  The more the media picks up on this peculiar lack of understanding, the more lies and disinformation regarding C-51 spread.

Speaking of a lack of understanding,’s Marissa Semkiw took to the streets of Toronto during a C-51 protest.  Not to speak to the ‘elites’ but to talk to regular folks protesting the bill.

Cringe worthy!  What was this, 1-800-RENT-A-MOB?  Semkiw has far more patience than I do!

If one plans to protest, it is important to know what it is one is protesting against and more importantly, why.

It should be noted that this form of peaceful protest is legal and will continue to be legal after C-51 becomes law.

But with so many lies and disinformation flowing out of the mouths of media pundits and other public figures, it leaves little surprise these individuals were ‘out-to-lunch’.

And when a so-called ‘prominent constitutional lawyer’ from Toronto, a Mr. Rocco Galati addresses a crowd of peaceful protesters outside Queen’s Park; his flare for the dramatic continues to spread fear into the very hearts and minds of Canadians.

Again, it should be noted that this form of protest is legal; and would remain legal after C-51.

John Rebelo asks some interesting questions regarding Galati, “Mr. Galati certainly has a flair for high drama. To compare Bill C-51 to anything enacted by the Gestapo is laughable, highly offensive and alarmist.

We don’t have a history or tradition of Gestapo like tactics in our judicial system!! More over, we have enough safeguards in our Constitution and Charter to prevent any Gestapo like activity.

Can anyone name or factually present a list of Canadian Citizens that are or have been jailed for any type of political activity? Can anyone present evidence of any Canadians ever being tortured or brainwashed by any Government Agency? Can anyone tell me of any Canadians that have disappeared while in Police or Judicial custody?

I don’t have a problem with Bill C-51 and, if Bill C-51 will prevent even one act of terrorism that would otherwise cause death and destruction in our Society then it is worth keeping.

By the way… I’ve travelled to 6 or 7 communities and logged 2743 km this past week. I wasn’t stopped once by the Police, I didn’t notice any suspect vehicles following me, didn’t come across any road blocks and didn’t see any armed soldiers goose stepping anywhere. Did anybody notice any of that going on…? If you did, please share the information.”

Galati is using fear through gross exaggeration of the contents of this bill.  Canada is most certainly not equivalent to Germany in the 1930’s.  And Canada won’t be after C-51 becomes law.

Bill C-51 provides strict oversight with how and when personal data is shared between the few security groups in accordance with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

This bill isn’t an infringement of our civil liberties.  This bill in no way, shape or form threatens our right to freedom of expression, association or religion.  This bill is a means to bring Canadian Security Agencies into the 21st Century.

And that is Kevin’s Common Sense

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Kevin is a Canadian citizen, writer & blogger.
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19 Responses to Bill C-51: Facts, Myths & Unfounded Fears

  1. hockeygail46 says:

    I doubt that many of these people have even looked at Bill C-51, let alone read it.

  2. Ken Trew says:


    • Vlad says:

      I am very “Left wing” and did read this shit. Shit is exactly what it is. The points being made in this argument, dismiss the concerns of those opposed without any argument other than “Well that just won’t happen”. The government and police agencies have used illegal techniques in the past to stifle legal protest – see G20 quebec city, G20 Toronto. Both of the examples listed I would like to point out, the police under direct order from politicians violated Canadian law in trying to stifle peaceful protests (and yes there was some non-peaceful protest that took place, but that does not give the right to stifle peaceful protest). I can give the name of a man murdered for political activity – as the article asks about people being jailed. Dudley George was killed by police and the UN has called for an inquest into his death, this has been declined by the Canadian government. I also know many people who have been illegally detained by police for lawful protest. I have watched an 80 year old nun urinate herself after being illegally detained by police then denied access to facilities while handcuffed in the back of a paddy-wagon. There is actually plenty of evidence of our government jailing people for their political ideals, an easy one is Michael Charitonoff, who was fined and jailed for 3 years for writing a book called “Working People” about the benefits of Communism. I am not a communist, I do not support communism, but I do support the idea that someone should be allowed to author a book about it without fear of jail.
      I won’t even begin to point out the logical argumentative fallacies that exist within this article. The classic “you’re with us or against us” is not a valid argument. The other fallacy is that this act will actually prevent an act of terrorism. Also, just because Rocco Galati holds certain beliefs about this bill does not mean all opposed to the bill, oppose it for the same reasons. Just as I do not believe that everyone supporting the bill has as poor an argument and understanding of what this bill means as the author clearly does. Before making statements like our government has never jailed people for benign political activity, maybe one should do some research.

      BTW Ken, I do like to raise shit. I raise shit to raise awareness because unfortunately I am only one informed individual and my vote counts just as much as yours…….so I need to try and create more informed people so that our beautiful country can prosper and not be lead by a bunch of people who carry ill-informed positions and beliefs based on emotional responses and ignorance of fact.

      “mic drop”

      • Theo Pious says:

        I just found this – but I compels me to reply notwithstanding its age – you’re an idiot. You did not watch an 80 year old nun piss herself – it simply didn’t happen. Your entire post is rhetoric, and you bring not a single ACTUAL counterpoint.

  3. Lyle Smith says:

    The lies that are spread about this bill are disgusting, but not out of line with the lies they continue to spread about the Conservatives, or our great Prime Minister.

  4. Gordon Martin says:

    Cooked up terror by Harpo and gang so he can “save” us. What a dirty approach to democracy!

    • Wayne Thornton says:

      Obviously you dont follow the news. America has had and continues to have terrorist attacks. Canada just had 2 soldiers killed from terrorist attacks. How many people have to die needlessly before we do something about it. Go Harper keep us safe. Deport all extreme terrorist minded people like Norway did. Why should we suffer just because someone is following some crazy religion like Islam. If you come here live at Peace dont try to take us over.

  5. Brian says:

    Complete misinforming public about the Nature of Bill C-51. It is not anti-terror bill. It is anti freedom and Rights bill. It will flushed down along with Harporites

  6. Yes Kevin, you are probably far more versed in interpreting legalese than the law professors and other experienced political officials and members of the state who have publicly spoken out against this bill.

    • Andy says:

      Hey, as a example ; the knowledgeable politicians Mr Trudeau and Mr Mulclair stood up in Parliament and either a: deliberately lied to spread fear or b: did not read and comprehend Bill C-42 , they stated as fact a number of false claims. So my trust of these “knowledgeable political officials” is understandably lacking. So my take on that is to read the Bill myself and draw my own conclusions rather then have election propaganda (from either side ) spoon fed down my throat and then regurgitate it on demand.

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  9. notapussy says:

    Kevin…you should probably wipe the jizz off your chin.

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  12. Lou Guertin says:

    The people who need to read this don’t and won’t. Few things are more confusing to the Left than facts that go against their established doctrine. The best we can do is hope that they do what they always do, talk up a storm and then not vote.

  13. Pingback: HDS, part II: Curbing the Bullspit | Kevin's Common Sense

  14. Peter Hucik says:

    I believe anyone who threats terrorism in any shape or form should be stripped of their Canadian citizenship if they have one and put on a one way trip to where ever they originated. Deport all terrorists immediately. I fully support this bill as all Canadians should. I am tired of the minority getting more support than country born Canadians .if you want to be here then live by our rules or go back where you came from.

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