Equality: We Missed the Point

11665674_903020046422111_1904072000349233434_nThere was a time in our society that women were discriminated against for merely being female. Which when we look back upon those dark times in our history through modern eyes, we see the inequality. Various movements were born; Feminism became a new term. Feminism is “a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.”

I put forth the argument that they succeeded. Women can vote, run fortune five hundred companies, lead provinces and cities as premiers and mayors. Women can stay in the kitchen or they can go out and build a business; the choice is theirs.


Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

That right to choose is embedded in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and a core value to our democracy. Will men and women ever be truly equal? With the exception of the roles males and females play in propagation of our species, we are equally afforded the same rights. Men and women are equal under the law.

Another movement that has been gaining momentum in an apparent fight for equality is the LGBT community. Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders want the same rights as the rest of us. And guess what: they do have the same rights as us. Point in case: Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is a woman and a lesbian.

I attack Wynne on her policies and liberal ideology all the time, she is a politician and I am a voter. Never do I attack her for being female or being gay. I never attack Tom Mulcair, Canada’s leader of the official opposition and NDP leader because he’s a straight white male, so why would I attack Ms. Wynne for being a female or gay? Because these things don’t matter! Public policy matters, the direction these individuals wish to take our province or country matters. Their sexual orientation doesn’t. Their gender doesn’t. The colour of their skin doesn’t matter.

There are numerous other examples but an openly gay woman running a province is one of the best indicators that we, as a society, have achieved equality. But it didn’t end there. Ironic; we achieved equality, but now certain groups just want more. Equality doesn’t seem to be enough for certain people and groups.

Enter Double Standard.

The LGBT Pride Parade was a celebration in the promotion of the idea that homosexuality or bisexuality is okay and nothing to be ashamed of; today it is a disgusting celebration full of nudity and obscenity.


LGBT Penis Display

How is publicly showing the world your penis okay when you’re gay? If I stood naked on a Toronto or Ottawa street, I’d be arrested. Hence the double standard. These guys did it, yet it is okay because they’re gay? Well, I am straight and if I showed my male part in public I would be condemned a pervert and face charges of obscenity.

Politicians need to stay out of the bedroom. It was unfortunate to learn that PC MPPs Lisa MacLeod and Jack MacLaren and PC leader Patrick Brown attended an event that features a grotesque display of nudity. The pride parade is no longer about raising awareness to a cause that already achieved equal rights. It has morphed into a forum of legal public obscene nudity.

An Ottawa talk show host on 580 CFRA, Nick Vandergragt had a few choice words to share on social media:

His post reads, “Apparently, Both Jack Maclaren and Lisa Mcleod marched in the gay pride parade today. I don’t know about you, but this really angers me. Both of these people are supposed to be conservatives. BOTH of these people are supposed to represent the small c conservatives like me who don’t want walking porno displays disguised as “parades” in our countries cities. BOTH of these people have just tossed a major block of their supporters under the bus. Do they think that those they where marching with are suddenly going to vote tory? Do they think that any of those people care one whit about property rights, smaller government or lower taxes? Did they think we wouldn’t find out? Or did they [ and you can bet this is the truth ] take the socon vote for granted? . I expected this out of John Tory. I even expected this out of Patrick Brown. But never these two. If it where up to me, I would toss both of them out of the building over this and never let them back in. Talk about a sell out.”

Lisa MacLeod fired back in a Tweet, “Let’s be clear. You can’t stand for the rule of law if you don’t allow all to be equal under it. I support the rule of law and equality.”

For the record, I have no intentions of ‘throwing’ anyone out of a building.  But I do have some questions for Lisa MacLeod.

I submit to you MacLeod that we already know the rule of law and support it. I also put forth to you that we already have achieved equality. What pandering purpose did it serve to attend an event where there is mass genitalia hanging out for the world to see? What the hell does a display of a penis have to do with equality?  I’d also like to hear an answer from Brown and MacLaren.

I’ll reiterate, if I took off my pants and showed the world my penis on a Toronto square, I’d be arrested and charged. It seems to me that if one truly believed in the rule of law, then it should be the same for us all. An exposed penis in public is illegal. Plain and simple; gay or straight, keep your junk in the trunk.

Guy Annable posted this image to Vandergragt’s Facebook Wall, and he pretty much sums it up for us:  “this is the behaviour that i think even most gays disapprove of, i thought there was 1 law book for everyone, this is how they got recognized 30 years ago, you now RUN THE PROVINCE could you please PUT YOUR PENISES AWAY and follow the SAME RULES OF LAW we are compelled to Follow, BUT AFTER ALL THERE ARE NO LAWS FOR LIBERALS IN ONTARIO, So why not let the GOVERNING GAYS DO WHAT EVER THEY WANT….caligula and ben levin would be so proud, looks like the Ladies like it form this picture”

More LGBT Penis

More LGBT Penis

Another article surfaced that was largely based on Vandergragt’s post.  Jamie Gilcig of the Cornwall Free News blog wrote an article that entirely missed the point of Vandergragt’s comments.  In this article Gilcig essentially compared Vandergrat to Attila the Hun.  Gilcig effectively missed the essential vulgarity of the practice, “walking porno displays disguised as “parades” in our country’s cities.”

Look, I support equal rights for all Canadians under the law. I just wish the law would apply the same standard to all. The whole notion that it’s okay for one group to expose their testicles while it is not okay for another to do the same tells me that we, as a society, missed the point of equality.


Straight Pride – Meme Posted on KCS

If I proclaimed a National Straight Pride Parade day, the ensuing outrage on social media would probably be enough to end my accounts. I recall, I posted this meme on my KCS Facebook page over a year ago and the reactions I got proved the double standard that exists in society today.

I would be remiss if I failed to point out that gays do not help their own cause when one of their own shouts out remarks such as those made by Kathleen Wynne on the subject of her new sexual education curriculum. She called those in opposition to her plan, “homophobic”.

The LGBT community needs to realize that they have achieved equal status under the law. Please stop shoving your way of life down my throat. You found love in the arms of a person of the same sex? Congratulations, there isn’t enough love in the world today, so I am happy you found some. I don’t need to hear about it every day, nor do I need to see you march naked down a city street.

There’s an old saying: “Never Kiss and Tell”. I wish everyone would adopt that philosophy.

I don’t need to know that Bruce Jenner self indentifies as a woman, nor do I need to know that George Takei is gay, nor do I need to know Kathleen Wynne is a lesbian. Nor do I care.

You’re condemned because you’re gay? Girls, you’re condemned because of some boy’s sexist remark? Welcome to the party. I am condemned because I wrote this article as a straight white male.

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Kevin is a Canadian citizen, writer & blogger.
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5 Responses to Equality: We Missed the Point

  1. hockeygail46 says:

    Excellent article, Kevin. I agree with you 100%. I also was totally angered by the PC politicians presence in the Gay Pride parade. They know there is going to be NUDITY – there always is. They also know total nudity is ILLEGAL. Yet, to the best of my knowledge, no arrests nor charges, were made. I will no longer give any monetary donations to this political party. Sorry, Brown and Company – you blew it!

    I am tired of Special Interest Groups in this country – LGBTQ Community, Environmentalists, Aboriginals, to name a few……….. can break the law and never have to suffer the consequences. Politicians in this country need to screw their head on straight and get with it – treat us all the same under ONE LAW.

  2. William Post says:

    After having seen the picture and read the article the question that begs an answer is HOW can the police now charge any person with indecent exposure if nobody was charged for an outright act of disobedience, that seems to have been sanctioned by our elected MPP’s ??

  3. Luc says:

    When I first came across your blog recently, Kevin, I was pretty shocked. Not shocked so much by the content itself, as I’m well aware there are many people who hold the same beliefs as you, but more by the framework, topics you choose to argue for or against, and the unabashed, purely idealogical standpoint you seem to always take (which you refer to as “common sense”). It’s an interesting thing, arguing from a common sense standpoint, as a person’s common sense is completely subjective and is determined by their own experiences, and whether or not they are surrounded by people of the same basic demographic and background or whether they are exposed to a wide variety of people (the latter usually causing a more liberal “common sense”). Upon reading this particular blog entry, I wonder if you have many, or any, openly gay people close to you in your life, because I find it hard to believe that you would maintain your current views if you did.

    Your argument begins by stating that LGBT people, like women, are now protected under the law and are included in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I’m blown away that anyone would assume that, simply because the law upholds equal rights against discrimination, that discrimination no longer happens. The fight by any civil rights group for equality is not simply for a rule of law protecting them (although that is often where they have to start), but for true social equality. And the simple fact that you wrote in your blog: “Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders want the same rights as the rest of us” very much proves that they are still considered as an “other” to yourself and many other people. LGBT people are still discriminated against all over the world (as well as in Canada), and are still ridiculed, harassed, assaulted, and murdered in surprisingly large numbers for simply being who they. And in Canada alone, LGBT youth face approximately 14 times the risk of suicide and substance abuse than heterosexual peers (http://ontario.cmha.ca/mental-health/lesbian-gay-bisexual-trans-people-and-mental-health/). This seems like a far cry from true equality to me, and if you can ignore these facts and simply state the rule of law as your argument, I’d have to say you’ve never spoken to a gay person about their life experiences, or you’re being willfully ignorant.

    You go on to write: “The LGBT Pride Parade was a celebration in the promotion of the idea that homosexuality or bisexuality is okay and nothing to be ashamed of; today it is a disgusting celebration full of nudity and obscenity” and proceed to talk about penises and testicles and how you don’t want to see them for several paragraphs. If you’d done your research (and perhaps you did, and just decided to leave this part out) you’d know that Gay Pride celebrations began in the late sixties-early seventies with the Stonewall Riots and the Christopher Street Liberation Day (If you care to read up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gay_pride#Historical_background) and have largely been an organized protest against discrimination and hatred which grew out of some pretty extreme circumstances. Now, the dynamics of Pride Parades has certainly shifted in the last 45 years. They are much more commercial and celebratory now (at least in Canada), and yes, some people choose to express their joy by taking their clothes off, but I’ve seen just as much (or more) skin at concerts, after sporting events, at Caribana, or at any other summer, outdoor, celebratory event. It just seems that this particular nudity (which isn’t nearly as prominent as you would have people believe by your blog) isn’t the type of nudity which is acceptable to you. And at the end of the day, are a couple of penises on display really what’s grinding your gears so much? I see penises on the beach or at the lake all the time (especially in Quebec). You feel like gay people are “shoving their way of life down your throat” (I won’t even go into the Freudian nature of THAT comment you wrote). But when they’ve had your way of life shoved down their throats for their entire lives, what’s wrong with them having a single day and parade route to feel normal and accepted? I wonder if you’ve ever actually been to a Gay Pride parade. I’m assuming not by your blog, but you should really try attending, you might end up having a good time and having your eyes opened a little bit.

    • Luc says:

      …And just a small rider about the whole “Straight Pride” analogy. It’s the same thing that pops up whenever people of a minority denomination try to start a grassroots equality campaign (#Blacklivesmatter and then #Alllivesmatter). The point isn’t to say that Straight people shouldn’t have pride or that all lives don’t matter. It’s that these groups (in this case LGBT) have been struggling and fighting so hard for equality and social justice for so long, that having something like a “Straight Pride Parade” is simply trying to co-opt and diffuse momentum away from a movement. Gay pride grew out of protest and fighting back against an overly oppressive society. Straight people don’t need a day because they’ve never been oppressed against and EVERY day is straight pride day.

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