HDS, part II: Curbing the Bullspit


10847773_10204378541202348_8784024566857706458_nWith the October 19th election quickly closing in on Canada, there are several points that must be raised and discussed.  Canadians know the mainstream media cannot or will not report factually on the Conservatives.

CBC Media Bias

CBC Media Bias

A side note, regarding the bias in mainstream media; in September 2015, the CBC ran a story about a young Syrian boy who’d drowned in the Mediterranean in the process of migrating from Turkey to Europe.  Since then, the journalists and editors at the CBC have been running a consistent and deliberate misinformation campaign regarding this story including, but not limited to:
-Falsely placing blame for Kurdi’s death of the government of Canada by reporting that family of Alan Kurdi had applied for refugee status in Canada and were denied, when in fact no application was ever made.
-Falsely referring to the Kurdi family as “refugees”, when they were in fact living safely in Turkey for three years, and were motivated to migrate to Europe by economic benefits.
-Falsely doctoring the victim’s name in order to westernize him by calling him “Alan”.
-Falsely using this story to vilify the Conservative Party of Canada.
Errors are sometimes made in journalism, but these are consistent, deliberate and continuing attempts to mislead that go far beyond simple error. The CBC’s journalistic integrity has been utterly compromised by these continuing attempts to mislead, and its readers demand that the CBC, at a minimum, dismiss the responsible parties in order to restore our national broadcaster’s integrity. (You can do something about it here).

There are a number of misconceptions surrounding Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party.  Those that suffer from Harper Derangement Syndrome and the media that fuels that contagion would have us Canadians believe that Harper is the devil himself.  But we Canucks know better, right?

Canadians are less than two weeks away from the federal election and there is so much misinformation being spread. Joining Kevin’s Common Sense is Carmen Stopanski to discuss some of these false claims about Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada.

Stopanski writes, “Every single time I see a Harper hater or [Anyone But Conservative] post, I shake my head in sadness. Harper Derangement Syndrome is rampant and rabid. Let’s look at some of the most common things that I see being said, and analyze and refute them.”

Agreed Carmen, let’s have at this!


  1. “I will never vote for Harper because of Bill C-51!”

All C-51 does is modernize and streamline information sharing between various Canadian security agencies for the digital age.  It should be noted that Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party voted in favour of Bill C-51.

Stopanski notes, “Okay, first of all unless you are a terrorist or you plan on becoming one, you have nothing to fear from C-51. The Senate said this bill didn’t go far enough. Check out this page and this page to read up on the benefits and protections C-51 offers.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper wears a headdress after being made an honourary chief of the Blood tribe during a ceremony in Stand Off, Alta., Monday, July 11, 2011.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

Prime Minister Stephen Harper wears a headdress after being made an honourary chief of the Blood tribe during a ceremony in Stand Off, Alta., Monday, July 11, 2011.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

  1. “Harper has a horrible record with the First Nations”.

“Again, a total lie! Funding to the First Nations has increased under Harper. How the Chiefs distribute the money is not on Harper. There is this article”, writes Stopanski.

It should also be noted that the Harper Conservatives officially apologized on behalf of all Canadians for the Residential School crisis.  On Wednesday June 11, 2008, the Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, made a Statement of Apology to former students of Indian Residential Schools, on behalf of the Government of Canada.

12144960_10153576504153614_9082985852350674359_n (3)

CPC Postcard

  1. “Harper is fear mongering.”

Wrong again.  Aside from the obvious election rhetoric, all parties engage in some level of fear mongering or another.  The Liberals scream Harper is the devil and will Americanize Canada.  The NDP are running a campaign suggesting that Harper and the Conservatives are some evil dictators hell bent on taking away your rights.

But to suggest that it is only the Conservatives who engage in this sort of activity is ludicrous.  It is also worth noting that terrorism is a very real threat.

The Syrian Refugee crisis has changed the playing field.  However, Canada will not blindly follow a United Nations mandate and arbitrarily bring in more refugees than our country can handle.  There must be security screens and we must not take in more than is safe for Canadians.  It is also worthwhile to note Europe’s warning; the vast majority of refugees are able-bodied young men.

How protecting Canadians yields an accusation of fear-mongering is beyond us.

But when the mainstream media flames the fires and propagates Harper Derangement Syndrome, it leaves little wonder why some believe the CPC is fear-mongering.

Canadian Korean War veteran's Ellroy Faulkner (left), Joseph Ritchie and Aime Michaud salute as they take part in a Canadian ceremony at the United Nations

Canadian Korean War veteran’s Ellroy Faulkner (left), Joseph Ritchie and Aime Michaud salute as they take part in a Canadian ceremony at the United Nations

  1. “I will never vote for Harper because of the way he has treated our Veterans.”

“Absolute balderdash. Harper has increased funding for our veterans. They actually have their own Facebook page supporting Harper.  It turns out that many veterans support and appreciate Harper.” Stopanski responds.

Erin O’Toole talks to a lot of veterans and he says they’re near-unanimous.

“Ninety-nine per cent of what I hear is positive,” the Veterans Affairs Minister and Conservative candidate says.

NDP Propaganda - EPIC FAIL

NDP Propaganda – EPIC FAIL

  1. “He has sold out all our natural resources and unprotected our waterways.”

Stopanski is quick to fire back, “Once again, a total lie. The government reworked an act first made in 1880, and what it ended up doing is protecting more waterways than had even been discovered in 1880.”

I have discussed this issue ad nauseam and invite you all to read this.  This is also an excellent explanation of the reasons behind the Conservatives’ decisions.

Under the Harper Conservatives, spending on health care has increased.

  1. “Harper cut funding to healthcare.”

Ironically, Healthcare, by definition is a provincial responsibility.  However, Stopasnki is right to call bullspit on the accusation that Harper has cut healthcare; “Spending on healthcare has increased, but it is being stopped at the provincial level.”

We invite you all to read about the myths of federal health care cuts and what Ontario doctors are saying.


Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau speaks to media during a break at the federal Liberal summer caucus meeting in Edmonton on Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jason Franson

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau speaks to media during a break at the federal Liberal summer caucus meeting in Edmonton on Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jason Franson

Under the Harper Conservatives, spending on health care has increased.

  1. “Only the NDP and Liberals will protect our middle class.”

Our middle class is doing better now than ever before. I am middle class and I am pretty happy with the lower taxes I am paying under Harper. Personally, I don’t think someone who has remortgaged his own home 11 times or a trust fund baby should give advice to the middle class. Plus I like my TSFA and income splitting.  Andrew Coyne of the National Post reminds us of some important facts.

bg_barley copy

  1. “Harper sold out the Wheat Board to Saudi’s.”

Stopanski writes, “this one is near and dear to my heart. Getting rid of the Wheat Board was the best thing that ever happened to farmers. Do you remember reading about farmers going to jail for selling their wheat for a better price than they could get from the Wheat Board?  Then Harper pardoned them.  And it was sold.  So, now as a farmer, I can sell my wheat at the highest price, whenever I want.”

A Nobel Peace Prize winning Muslim girl who says women shouldn't cover their faces in court and under similar circumstances...

A Nobel Peace Prize winning Muslim girl who says women shouldn’t cover their faces in court and under similar circumstances…

  1. The Burka/Niqab issue….

Stopanski declares, “I’m not even going to touch this one…just going to leave this here.”

According to the vast majority of Canadians and in French Canada, the niqab is a sign of the oppression of women.

It is important for everyone to understand that wearing the niqab is not a religious requirement.  Nowhere in the Quran does it specify that women must cover their faces.  The requirement of Muslim women to wear this cloak is a cultural one and not a religious one.  Most Canadians agree that in our Canadian culture, this veil is representative of a symbol of oppression.

The only party that seems to understand both the security concerns of wearing a niqab and the important symbolism of showing ones face in a citizenship oath ceremony is the Conservative Party of Canada.


  1. “Harper is muzzling scientists!”

One more lie.  Educate yourself here.

I have covered this point extensively on social media and in one of my past articles.

The Conservative Government is not “muzzling” scientists. What the government is saying is that the scientist can’t just go out and release information on their own; it must be sent through the proper channels. One could only imagine the outcry if a government scientist released a finding that caused wide spread panic, only to be proven wrong shortly after. The ensuing public outrage would be enough to destroy any regime, regardless of political stripe. Take for example, if you work for a private company, would that company allow you to speak on their behalf to media? Many companies, both private and public, have policies in place that disallow the employee to speak directly to media; scientists are federal employees.

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have increased spending in many areas of research and development. In just fisheries and oceanic alone, here is a good example. That being said, Marche’s claim that Harper is defunding arctic R&D funds proves to be false when one considers that in 2014, “Minister Leona Aglukkaq announced today that the Government of Canada is continuing to play a leadership role on the international stage by making a significant funding contribution to the Green Climate Fund. Canada will provide $300 million to the Green Climate Fund, which is aimed at supporting projects, programs, policies and other activities to address climate change in developing countries.

This funding announcement builds on Canada’s previous significant investment under the Fast-Start Financing Initiative. The Government of Canada has fully delivered on this investment of $1.2 billion in funding which supports a range of projects focused on climate change adaptation and increasing renewable energy in more than 60 developing countries.

In addition, Canada is a founding member and major financial contributor to the Climate and Clean Air Coalition that is focused on marshalling global efforts to tackle short-lived climate pollutants. Canada is also advancing the development of action to address short-lived climate pollutants under its Chairmanship of the Arctic Council.”

The Harper Conservative government has actually been one of the best governments that our Country has seen in decades.

Now is not the time to change the direction; now is not the time for change.

On October 19th, remember Carmen Stopanski’s words.  Remember my words.  You will not find the truth with the CBC or the Toronto Star.  You will find the truth here.  Be smart Canada; do not vote for a party that promises to run deficits (Liberals) or for the party that is promising to raise your taxes (NDP).

Instead, vote for a party that will ensure you get the universal child care benefit.  Vote for the party that allows you and your partner to income split.  Vote for the party that will increase the duration of maternity leave.  Vote for the party that will protect both us Canadians and our economy.

Don’t fall victim to the Harper Derrangement Syndrome (HDS).  Be part of the cure.

On October the 19th; vote for a principled leader.  Vote Conservative.

And that is Kevin’s Common Sense.

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Kevin is a Canadian citizen, writer & blogger.
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10 Responses to HDS, part II: Curbing the Bullspit

  1. Mary Hale says:

    I wish every Canadian could see this and then be able to refute all the lies..even at our all candidates forum..it’s disgusting..and of all things..people say oh really..well, maybe I’ll vote for somebody else..they are not thinkers..they are gullible followers..

  2. Gary Keough says:

    We must vote for Mr. Harper to keep Canada safe and prosperous. A vote for Trudeau will change what we have worked and fought for all our lives, and not for the better.

  3. Dan Hunt says:

    Very good write-up.

  4. Proud Canadians dont vote for Harper says:

    Wow do you actually believe any of this crap? I used to be middle class..since Harper, Im poor. Taxe breaks? You are definitely not middle class than, only the rich get taxe breaks under Harper. The only cure will be dealt when Harper is gone from parliament. Then we will all be cured from his nazi bigoted dictatorial “leadership”….Hail Harper…no more! Capitalism only works for the rich, time for the people to take their country back. Vote ABC…why because Anyone is Better than Cons.

    • J says:

      Even the Communist party? I’m serious. Ottawa actually has one – I’ve seen the lawn signs. Saying “anyone” already shows how much thought you put into things. You probably got upset after seeing the meme and filtered out the rest. Be honest.

    • Leo Frey says:

      Baaah, baaah black sheep. We dont consider you sheep Canadians. You and your kind destroy what we have. Your bullshit about being middle class is just that…bullshit. I am middle class and have never done so well. My standard of living is far better than it ever was under any Liberal government. You sir are delusional and need to take your meds.

  5. Janice says:

    “They even have their own facebook page supporting Harper”. This is misleading, given that there is also a facebook page that veterans have against Harper. Also, the “pro-Harper” page has 1/3 of the likes, and instead of posting things about veterans, it’s just a bunch of non-specific pro-Harper, anti-other parties sentiment.

    In contrast, the Anything But Conservative-Veterans page specifically outlines their frustrations with Harper. Using a quote from the Minister of Veterans affairs is also misleading, given that a lot of Veterans who voice frustrations are specifically frustrated with him not listening to their concerns.

  6. Maureen says:

    I agree with your write-up. Too many people with their head in the sand about “Gun Control” requirements and ” Terrorist Reality”.Why is it people can’t see the “butchering ” of innocent people could happen here if Stringent Security measures are not in place.
    With regard to voting I say ” Which is worse the one you know or the one you don’t know.
    The other two are sketchy at best. The only thing none of them have done is look at the single Seniors pay. Couple can income split. What do the Single ones get? Raise this year was 0.02% If you add it up for the year it’s not even enough to buy toilet paper for one month.

  7. Non name Tebbly says:

    How ironic that your blog points the finger at all these supposed “lies” that anti-Harperites and the media have spread when Harper tells more lies and covers up more devious activities than any other politician I can think of! Let’s get real, Kevin. Harper and his pack of hyenas have been terrible for this country and in order to get the stink off this country, thanks to their machinations, they need to be turfed from office on October 19th! Period!

  8. Pingback: Get Out and Vote! | Kevin's Common Sense

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