Never Say Die: An Open Letter


BlueC copyFriends,

Did you know that Stephen Harper has served three consecutive mandates in office as Prime Minister?

He has spent nine years and two-hundred forty-nine days as leader of our great Country.

And he’s hoping to do what Pierre Elliot Trudeau failed to do; win a decisive majority government with a fourth mandate. And there is a very good chance he may succeed.

This election is not only historic given the time length of the election period, but also that if Harper can win a majority, he will have raised the bar.

Like you, I’ve seen the polls. I know things look bleak at the moment for a Conservative majority. But don’t let that stop you. The only poll that really matters is the poll on Election Day.

Never-the-less, with almost a decade in office and more than thirty years of political experience, Harper may yet pull off another mandate.

Polls get it wrong. We saw this happen in British Colombia when in 2013, the polls predicted a NDP win but the Liberals won a majority government. Another example of polls failing was the most recent Alberta election which saw a swooping NDP win. Even during the last Ontario election, the polls never predicted a Liberal majority.

Polling is not an exact science. Tristin Hopper at the National Post writes, “Canadians knew the three-way race couldn’t last forever. And indeed, with two weeks until Election Day, a party has begun to pull into the lead. Of course, in what has become a signature trait of the 2015 election, polls differ on exactly which party.”

Hopper goes on to note, “But the modern era has not been kind to pollsters. A Golden Age of telemarketing and telephone scams has conditioned Canadians to reject any call with even a whiff of an 800 number. Despite popular belief, polling firms are indeed able to call cellphones, but the rejection rate is even higher due to owners fretting about using up minutes. Roll it all together, and Canadian opinion polls are frequently decided by that bizarre subset of Canadians who pick up unfamiliar calls — and don’t immediately hang up when they hear a recording or a headset-wearing pollster on the other end. Pollsters try to address the problem by employing a top-secret formula that weighs some responses more heavily than others — but there’s only so much that can be fixed with math when 90% of cellphone users aren’t picking up.”

The point is, just because the polls are not favouring the Conservatives at this moment in time is not sufficient reason to give up.

There is a vast silent majority in this Country; those that do not participate in polls, those that do not engage politically on social media and those who only pay just enough attention come voting day.

In the 2011 the population of Canada was around 34.34 Million people. Of that, according to Statistics Canada, 23,971,740 were eligible to vote. Only 14,720,580 of the almost 24 Million actually cast a ballot. This means that voter turnout was around 61.4%.

But so far, according to Elections Canada, turn-out has been increasing this election. Indeed, in just the first two days of the advance polling, slightly more than one million Canadians have cast a ballot. This is an increase of approximately 26% from 2011 to 2015. If the trend continues, we may see one of the highest voter turnout rates in many years.

And this could be a very good thing.

There is no way to measure the silent majority. Polling companies try, but alas, to no avail.

I understand that it is very easy to become frustrated when you’re surrounded by opposition that blatantly spreads lies and false information. And I understand that it is very frustrating that Canada’s Mainstream Media has an inherent built in bias against the Conservative Party and against Harper personally. And I most certainly understand the frustration that stems from the various polling agencies that seem to indicate the Conservatives will lose.

I also understand how frustrating it can be when various websites pop up such as “Don’t Be A Fucking” or “Shit Harper”. But it is important to ignore websites like these. They are crass, vulgar and rude. They don’t give you any information; Harper Derangement Syndrome runs strong with the authors of those various sites. But then again, how could they give you honest and accurate information when their authors are low-information voters to begin with? You’ll notice I did not include any links to those sites I mentioned. And for good reason; I will not lend them credence. You and I are better than that kind of childish crap.

There are about five days left in this election period. To quote Yogi Berra, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”

My point is, I understand your frustration. Stay strong and keep up the good fight. Talk with your friends and family. Talk with your colleagues. Make sure they understand the implications of a Trudeau or Mulcair win. Make sure they understand that any Party other than the Conservatives, would be a complete and utter disaster for Canada.

For the Love of Canada my fellow Conservatives, keep fighting the fight. Keep getting the message out there. Don’t let the polls get you down. Don’t let anyone get you down.

Conservatives for the win!


Kevin Harris
Conservative Supporter

P.S.  Remind your friends of this:

MI_CPC_POS copy5

About Kevin

Kevin is a Canadian citizen, writer & blogger.
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12 Responses to Never Say Die: An Open Letter

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  2. Thank You Very Much we all need a lift at times . keep the fight going .

  3. already voted conservative and today is the first day for the rest of my life with no ctv news in my life. the liberals biased, bigotry and lies from there news department is just to much for me to handle and I don’t know whats to become of our democracy when newscasters and journalists feel they can flat out bare face lie to us with no consequences to themselves. the only thing I can do on a personal level is to just tune them out of my life

    • bertie says:

      Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to kick them all in the ARSE.. Mansbridge bugs the hell out of me. But Fife & Milewski are the dung of the earth.

  4. Barb Gulka says:

    I am with you, Canadians are a strong society and a smart society…I say Harper Blue all the way through, over the finish line!

  5. Esther Lindberg says:

    Destructive behaviour & smearing lies reveals who NOT to vote for! They are desperate & will do the same to voters if elected.
    I voted for P.M. Stephen Harper on Sept. 23, 2015! I do not pay for cable but get the truth on “” and many worldwide news sources.
    Thanks for this timely, encouraging reminder.

    BE WISE! Shalom!

  6. C Thompson says:

    Excellent letter. Thank you.

  7. pafmurray says:

    Four more years! Four more years! Please encourage PM Harper to sue BDS QC for libel!

  8. Barry Elwood says:

    Wow… You guys sure know what you’re talking about. I like all of the typos and poor grammar. Definitely lends credibility to your argument. If you don’t bother to take the time to run your statements through a spellcheck, I cringe to think about how well you’ve actually confirmed your facts.

  9. Thangaw\ says:

    The anti-incumbency factor is working against Harper and his Conservative Party. After 9 years of Harper, people want a change for good or bad. The perception Harper is anti-immigrant is hurting him and his party. Fees have been raised for both immigrants and refugees. Immigration policy many of whom are desperately poor. Family reunification was made nearly impossible. Children over 18 were disqualified for sponsor. For sponsoring a spouse or dependent child, it takes an average of 17 months. For parents and grand parents it is more than 69 months, not including the 45 months required for an “Assessment of Sponsor.” Processing refugee applications takes an average of 19 months. The government-axed health benefits for refugee claimants the most vulnerable population. I can go on and on.

  10. Mike says:

    I share your sentiments Kevin, but not your optimism. Ten years of victories by McGuinty and Wynne, despite all their lies, incompetence and corruption, have proven that the majority of Canadians are complete morons, and therefore I sadly believe that on October 19th, those morons will elect Justin, the king of the morons, as Prime Minister. I will still vote PC and urge all my friends to do so, but sadly I believe, to no avail.

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