All Good Things…

GetOutTheVote copyLike the continuous cycle of the sun rising and setting, the ebb and flow of Canadian politics fosters change.

The Conservative Party of Canada had a good run spanning almost a decade.  But nothing can last forever.  All good things eventually must come to an end.

The Liberal Party of Canada has moved to first place and will now form the government.  With 184 seats, Canadians voted for change.  The Conservatives are now the Official Opposition at 99 seats.


According to preliminary numbers from Elections Canada, and reported by the CBC, “[…], more than 68 per cent of eligible voters cast a ballot, or about 17,546,697 registered electors. That’s a big jump from the last federal election, when just more than 61 per cent of Canadians voted.

The figures, which do not include Canadians who registered on Election Day, show that Prince Edward Island had the highest voter turnout at 77.4 per cent, with Yukon (76 per cent) and New Brunswick (74.6 per cent) close behind. In Newfoundland and Labrador, only 61.5 per cent cast ballots, with Nunavut (62 per cent) and Northwest Territories (64.4 per cent) also drawing fewer voters to the polls.

Elections Canada was bracing for high turnout after people flocked to advance polls over the Thanksgiving weekend. More than 3.6 million ballots were cast over four days of advance polls, an increase of 71 per cent in the 2011 election, when only three days of advance polls were held.”

Canadians wanted change; change is what they got.  Higher taxes are now on the way.

Canadians (or more accurately, 39.5% of Canadians) voted in favour of higher taxes and deficit budgets.  Canadians voted in favour of increasing our debt, placing that burden on future generations.  This is not a scare tactic, Trudeau ran on a promise to run deficits.

Canadians are apparently ready to embrace carbon taxes and increased payroll taxes.  The Liberals ran on a platform that clearly outlined increases to both CPP and EI premiums.  The Liberals also ran on the idea of bringing in a carbon tax.  Canadians must love to pay taxes.

Canadians voted for a party that will effectively end our mission against the Islamic State militants.

One of Trudeau’s first moves will be to end the First past the post system and reform our methods for electing MP’s.

It should be noted that this victory for the Liberals was more of a vote against Stephen Harper than a vote for Justin Trudeau.

Canadians voted for change; I fear that it’s all we’ll have left… about fifty cents.trudeauchange copy

I could go on and be a sore loser, but I won’t.  I could blame the public sector unions for the Conservative loss, I could blame the mainstream media; but I won’t.

Congratulations to Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party for running a successful campaign.

I would also like to extend a personal thanks to Stephen Harper.  Harper has been one of the best Prime Ministers in Canadian History.  I’m honoured to have met the man and shake his hand.

But all good things must end.  Stephen Harper has resigned as leader of the Conservatives and an interim leader will be appointed; Harper will stay on as MP for Calgary Heritage.

I would also like to extend personal congratulations to Pierre Poilievre, the only Conservative MP in the Ottawa area to keep his seat.

The Conservatives will now do what Canadians have asked of us; we will hold this new government to account as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

Social media was, of course, all abuzz following the 42nd General Election.

But always remember, Canadian Politics is a dynamic concept.  Ebb and flow.  The Conservatives will be back.

And that is Kevin’s Common Sense

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Kevin is a Canadian citizen, writer & blogger.
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3 Responses to All Good Things…

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  2. Margie says:

    I’d also like to thank: Stephen Harper for the good that has come from his leadership; and all the Conservative candidates for their contributions to their Country. I can’t imagine how difficult it has been for Harper to have been personally attacked by the ‘so many who know so little’. With all the verifiable information that is available on the internet, why do so many people keep repeating the same half truths or outright lies over and over again?

    Of course, the same thing will eventually happen to Trudeau and the Liberals… such is politics.

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