A Unique Perspective: Shared by Many

ShinyPony copyFrom social media, or Facebook more specifically, here are two perspectives of the outcome of Canada’s 42nd General Election.


By G. Ray Gompf, CD

I’m ashamed to be a Canadian. I wasn’t ashamed to be a Canadian when I was serving in the military under the Conservatives of the Diefenbaker years. I was proud to be a Canadian. Our military did a good job when I was part of it and it does a great job today. During the Trudeau years, it wasn’t fun because Liberalism meant shaming the military, not only that, by decimating it’s ranks and refusing to upgrade equipment. So called peace time armies often suffer the wrath of those who don’t understand their existence.

Are our political masters worth following? Sometimes they are sometimes not. Sometimes they make stupid decisions. Sometimes their decisions are exactly what is needed at the time it’s needed. Does the military follow blindly? Not even a little bit. Must the military follow the orders that make no sense? Never.

I’m not here to talk about where I served or even when. For the most part, members and ex-members are under contract not to talk about what they’ve done or where they’ve done it. Even if the press can’t tell you every detail, members and former members cannot and I won’t. Suffice to say I know about what I talk and I know what I can say and what I won’t (can’t) say.

I am totally ashamed of my fellow Canadian who have never served, who have never feared for their life; who have never thought about the freedoms some of us fought for and we all can now take for granted. These Canadians of whom I am ashamed and ashamed to be considered part of my whole Canada, are FREE to have an opinion and even with their stupidity, I support their right to be wrong. These misguided Canadians of whom I am ashamed are voicing that opinion that infers my Canadian Forces brothers and sisters past, present and future and me are mindless jerks who don’t know when a fight is worth a fight.

Canada does NOT have a standing army for peacemaking. Peacemaking is part of the job, but it’s not the only job. Sometimes to make peace you have to make war. The peaceniks of Canada don’t seem to understand that Canada is a major player in the world. Canada is a member of the G-7 club. Sure there are countries with economies larger than Canada’s who are not in the G-7 Club. The reason they are not in the G-7 Club is simple, those other countries don’t participate in helping make peace in the world. They are content to sit back and let countries like Canada do it for them.

In WWI Canada’s population was 8,000,000 and we had more than 100,000 active military personnel. Today, we have well over 30,000,000 citizens and a military barely able to put 40,000 trained personnel to the task. Remember most of our military personnel are involved in support functions rather than more visible “fighting” functions.

Since the end of WWII Canada has welcomed millions from other lands that don’t share our freedoms. Ask those people around us who understand what oppression means who have been subjected to it.

Over the liberal decades, the Canadian military was decimated by uncaring and foolish governments more concerned about getting reelected than doing what’s necessary and only want to be involved with the easy parts of peace making without being exposed to the nastier parts. Thankfully the conservative decade wasn’t afraid of the ugly side of peace making; wasn’t afraid to support the military with proper equipment, pay and allowances and moral support. The dawn on another Liberal period terrifies me.

It behooves every Canadian whether you believe in war or whether you don’t to support our men and women who have choose the military life without besmirching their character. Don’t allow your need to rant to give the enemy (terrorists) an edge. The terrorists are dangerous and must be stopped at all costs.

This war is not about oil. This war is not about appeasing Americans. This war is about driving terrorists, not Muslims, out of existence and helping an impoverished people build a country of which they can be proud.



By David Knight

Well, now you’ve stepped in it. I’ve never been so disgusted by, and ashamed of, my so-called countrymen.

We had a leader with the integrity and balls to stand up for what was right. We were well-respected around the world. We had a government that was committed to lowering taxes, thereby letting us keep more of what we worked for. We have (for now) the richest middle class in the world. We had a leader that stood with Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. We had a government that increased funding for our military and veterans. We had a government that believed the individual is capable of running his or her own life better than the government can. We had a leader that understood and cared about ordinary Canadians, not just the elitists. We had a leader that was committed to more freedom and safety for all Canadian citizens. We had a government that believed people have a fundamental right to keep what they work for and to defend themselves, their loved ones, and their property. We had a leader that valued the family unit and whose policies proved it. We had a government that believed that people are responsible for their actions and that was committed to tougher sentences for violent criminals as well as support for the victims. We had a leader that got rid of regulatory redundancies and red tape, thereby simplifying aspects of our day-to-day lives. We had a government that reduced wasteful spending. We had a government that believed balancing a budget was better than borrowing and spending us into oblivion. We had a chance to stay the course.

But you wanted change. Boy, will you get change. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada were doing great things for this country, things that benefited you and would have continued to benefit you. You’re worse than dead weight. You fought, harassed, and smeared them every step of the way. You’re short-sighted and gullible, a bad combination. You were lied to. I’d pity you, but you brought this on yourselves. You traded an economist for the trust fund pretty boy terrorist sympathizer spawn of one of the worst enemies this country has ever had.

If you voted Liberal or NDP, I suspect one of two things: (1) you likely don’t possess the capacity for introspection or the ability to think for yourself, or (2) you may be quite intelligent, but your priorities are messed up. Either way, I have no desire to argue with you. You had plenty of time to seek and find the truth if you had been so inclined. You probably think I’m the crazy one. Fair enough. Kindly remove yourself from my friend list. I’ve known too many of you to think you’ll come around anytime soon. However, if at some point down the road you realize how royally you screwed up, and you realize there’s some truth to what I said here today, don’t hesitate to add me again. Just don’t expect any sympathy from me, regardless of what hardships may have befallen you in the meantime. Remember: you did this. I voted against it. And when Justin does his damnedest to destroy this great country, I hope you’re prepared to eat copious amounts of crow. Unfortunately, I suspect most of you will still blame Stephen Harper instead.

If you think I’m being unreasonable, try this scenario on for size. For the sake of argument, let’s say I’m right. Just humour me for a minute. I love my country, and I just watched a treasonous commie-lite S.O.B. hell-bent on destroying my country take the highest office in the land. He’ll raise taxes and run our economy into the ground. Not to mention he’ll turn our military into a bad joke. He’s proven repeatedly he’s soft on terrorism. And so on and so forth. What does all this mean? It means my kids will be saddled with debt they didn’t incur. It means he won’t protect us if we’re attacked. Nobody messes with my kids. For those of you with children, this should be starting to sink in, even if you disagree with me.

Justin Trudeau is a blight on this country, and you voted him in. I love my country, not necessarily my country’s government. I want the best for my kids and country, and you did your best to take that away. If that’s not worth severing friendships, I don’t know what is.

About Kevin

Kevin is a Canadian citizen, writer & blogger.
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19 Responses to A Unique Perspective: Shared by Many

  1. Gloria J. Saunders says:

    to both of you – Well written. The major problem was that the media was out to get PM Harper and they did just that. Never lied outright, but screwed up the reports well enough to make the majority of the people learn to hate him. Much to Canada’s detriment.

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  3. ROFLMAO..sorry but you’re full of it.

    The Canadian Armed Forces will and has followed the lawful orders of the civilian leadership. Your assertion that “Must the military follow the orders that make no sense? Never.” is moronic.Read QR&O’s

    Next, your whole alluding to how most military can’tr talk about what they did, that is BULL. Sorry dude, I was a submariner and while we did lots of sneaky pete stuff the reality is most of what we did we COULD talk about.

    Normally when I see folks assert crap like you did, especially when they don’t use rank but do use CD they are posers that exaggerate their time in and what they did…just saying.

    Ashamed of those that didn’t serve? Really???, wow, we served so that we don’t have t have a military state..you simply don’t get it. We are teh sheepdogs, theyat task requires sheep, otherwise you end up with a pack of dogs with no task and discipline, kinda like the Canadian Airborne Regiment..

    You throw a lot of insults around, not a whole lot of sense.

    • Ray Gompf says:

      have it your way. I know how many times I signed a document under the official secrets act. I was a corporal when rank was earned, not given.

    • Meme Mealone says:

      I was also in the military and i met people like you. I know that you are correct in part because all of the other latrine cleaners I met were not bound by any specific oath of secrecy either.

      One day, perhaps, you may scale the almost insurmountable cliffs of integrity and become worthy to clean the latrines of the Canadian Airborne Regiment. I doubt it, really, but stranger things have happened.

  4. jeff brown says:

    I think we’re long lost brothers, exactly the same rant that I’ve been going off on almost word for word, yesterday was garbage day and I wanted to throw my Canadian flag out but I couldn’t find it in time

  5. Ed Fields says:

    Christopher E. Richardson: You’re a submariner? Guess you couldn’t have served too much time under water. Don’t think we have had a sub that was seaworthy since…whenever. Must have spent a lot of time in dry dock then. And…he is absolutely right about not getting the recognition they deserve from the Liberal governments. Most Federal Liberal leaders were jokes; Sliding down bannisters in Buckingham Palace just to mention one PM. His son is no different.

  6. Steve McDonald says:

    You’re ashamed to be Canadian? I am ashamed that you are Canadian. If you served, and I have as well, then you would understand that we are an instrument of policy for a DEMOCRACY. That means the people of Canada elect the government that they want and they get to govern. Criticism is absolutely required but to be ashamed because the freely elected government has policy that you disagree with is spoiled and anti-democratic. I am a Liberal supporter at this stage in my life but I was never ashamed to be Canadian when the Conservatives were in power. I accepted the will of the people and the government they elected and got on with it. I did lend my opinion on their policies but not in the high pitched “only we are right” whine I hear after this election result. So to me, it seems like you are ashamed of a democracy making a (temporary) choice and it’s not yours so you are washing you hands of it and your duty is done. I am glad most I served with had a different sense of military and civic duty.

  7. Finnegan says:

    About the only sub I can find in the right time frame is the HMCS Onondaga

  8. Austin says:

    Wow ,I am almost rendered speechless ……but i do have one word that keeps rolling around in my mind ….MORON .

  9. Esther Lindberg says:

    So well written! Agree absolutely! I still feel like I have had my amazing country swept from under my feet.
    I just pray we survive to regain what we’ve lost.
    I voted for that honourable, principled, courageous & wise statesman Prime Minister Stephen Harper! A treasure we cannot afford to lose.

  10. Canadian voters who cannot justify the way they vote … just babble when asked … and argue till their blue in the face … the whole exercise being a waste of time tells me why Canada’s debt all comes down to poor management on the backs of incompetence … And yet we pay for the incompetence … It has been never ending …. arrogance …

  11. Katherine Jaconello says:

    A most important fact is being missed here. The Trudeau empire is the empire to bring into being the blueprint documented in the 1971 book, “Psychotropic Drugs in the Year 2000 – Use by Normal Humans” written by 13 operatives of MK ULTRA. Pierre Elliot Trudeau funded the “Canadian Commission on the Use of Non-Medical Drugs” run by psychiatrist from Nazi Germany, Heinz Lehmann. This Commission is praised in the above referenced book. The Medical Psychiatry Alliance worked diligently to ensure that the Trudeau legacy of addicting youth to drugs continues. The Commission transformed non-medical drugs like antidepressants into medical drugs with concocted “diseases” with OHIP numbers for behaviour categories. It created a distinction between “psychiatrist” and “psychiatrist researcher”. A psychiatrist researcher can kill people with immunity from prosecution in the name of research. This election was not an election at all, it was brutalizing of the population to ensure that the society of 2030 is bland, conformist, obedient, restrained, obsessed with sex and pedophilia, on aphrodisiacs with a culture of the use of intoxicants like hypnotics, psychedelics, marijuana and alcohol. Kathleen Wynne and cronies, Justin Trudeau and cronies, use mass psychoanalysis and thought reform techniques, also known as deprogramming, to sadistically brutalize the Canadian people. For proof, please google “War on Drugs, Magazine of the National Antidrug Coalition, September 1981, Volume II, Number 7” and check page 11, “Trudeau Disgraces Canada”. 33% of the population of North America is now addicted to lifelong medication with antidepressants.

    • johnrmerriam says:

      I am not an expert in this area, but thanks for your response. Anyone else that would like to comment?

      • Katherine Jaconello says:

        Here is the link. Please read page 11, “Trudeau disgraces Canada”. Believe me, there is a 21st Inquisition being brought about by Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau that includes the 19 member Mental Health Council, all stakeholders of the Medical Psychiatry Alliance – see Bill 95, “Improving the Mental Health Act”. Unfortunately, I am an expert in this. I’ve been researching it for 15 years and have the original books from the past.

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