By John R. Merriam

Traditionally in Canada, power shifts between the Conservatives and Liberals. After more than 9 years in office, it is now the turn of the Liberals in the First Past The Post (FPTP) system.

There is a danger in this: Most Canadians identify themselves as either liberal or conservative thinkers – currently 65% liberal and 35% conservative.

One of the brilliant ideas of Sophie’s choice is proportional representation (PR), which is a system that distributes all federal seats according to popular vote rather than the current system.

It remains to be seen if, now that Trudeau has a majority, he will follow through on PR. My guess is that he won’t. If he does, then it means that a coalition of liberals will rule Canada for a very long time, perhaps decades, with no intermittent conservative government.

The Conservatives provided very good government, perhaps the best that Canada has ever experienced. The arc of time will reveal this. So what happened?

It is a simple truth that most voters have no, or very little understanding of the issues in an election campaign. It is a popularity contest. This explains the federal election and the recent Alberta election. In Alberta, the people are not socialists, far from it. They wanted to remove the existing Progressive Conservative government, no more, no less.

The photogenic Notley did well in the Alberta debate, so they turned to her as the best option of the TV personalities presented that night.

Trudeau was the recipient of the votes of many people who were just plain and simply tired of the Prime Minister and his party. They didn’t vote for PR and the many other policies of the Liberal Party of Canada, they just voted for a photogenic and glib leader.

7 years ago, the people of the USA did the same with Obama. Three years ago they did the same again. Romney would have been a far far better President, but he appeared stiff on television.

We are in the television age – our leaders must present well in that medium if they have any hope of election.

People think that Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz are real practicing medical professionals – they are not, they are just television hucksters out to make themselves wealthy.

99% of people are followers not leaders.

In his concession speech, the outgoing Prime Minister said that the people are always right – he was dead wrong if he was thinking of policy, right if he was thinking of the herd mentality and frivolous considerations.

We get the government we deserve. And that my friends is the real political axiom.

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5 Responses to WHAT HAPPENED?

  1. David Strutt says:

    Good article. Well thought out. My only challenge would be, ” … the photogenic Notley …”. A cursory glance reveals she is hardly photogenic. Mr. Merriam tells us in no uncertain terms that Canadians are shallow and uninformed. I wholly agree. We now have at least two adult generations of people who have been denied a complete education by socialist education regimes and, of course, the media. For the average Canadian, critical thinking is worthy of public stoning—of being ostracized from your peers. The Marxist experiment of Pierre Trudeau has born more fruit than just his singularly unaccomplished issue. It has become a crime to think freely—think critically—and think in opposition to the Progressive doctrine (Oh yes, the secularists have their religions too. Climate change is just one example.). Once this massive, Leftist, socialist juggernaut began crunching along, it became impossible to stop. We may never have another Conservative Party leading this nation. In fact, we may soon be robbed of our nation status altogether with the Liberal implementation of the UN Agenda 21. We allowed this to happen. We are entirely to blame.

  2. johnrmerriam says:

    Well, perhaps in comparison to the Wildrose leader? Ebullient might be a better word David.

  3. jmurphy says:

    So what happened… Voter turnout increased because Canadians realised that they had to get out and vote to get rid of Harper and take back the Canada that they once had and loved. The Conservative base is strong at it’s 30% and they will always get out and vote. It is obvious that the majority of Canadians had enough of Harper and what he was doing to our beloved country since a lot of really good NDP MPs lost their seats. The Liberals had the momentum and Canadians strategically voted to make sure that Harper was no longer in power.

    I will agree with one comment… Majority of voters are not informed. That is why the attack ads should not be allowed. A bunch of sound bites with no context is a waste of time. Run ads on your accomplishments and your proposed platform. Give me the facts.

    “The Conservatives provided very good government, perhaps the best that Canada has ever experienced.” – This is the craziest statement in your article.

    I don’t have time to list all of his failures but since Harper is an economist let’s look at his economic record since it should be solid.

    1) average annual real GDP growth rate of 1.6% – under Stephen Harper’s tenure the Canadian economy grew by nearly half the rate it did for his predecessors in the decade before he took office. It was nearly three times worse than Canada’s growth rate during the 1950s and 1960s.

    2) Harper’s 1% annual average growth in employment – the slowest job creation of any Prime Ministers since World War II.

    3) As job creation failed to keep pace with population growth, for the very first time since St. Laurent left office in 1957, Canada saw the employment rate decline under Harper.

    4) Since being elected in 2006, Canada’s exports have grown by a measly 0.3%, “by far the worst in post-war history.”

    Rather than just state that Harper’s government was “perhaps the best that Canada has ever experienced” please provide the facts. Let’s stay informed.

    • johnrmerriam says:

      You have much more faith in the snowboard instructor/substitute teacher than I do.

      He will take credit for the Conservative TPP, but after that, he will be on his own. He will tack left and ultimately fail.

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