We vote in left wing governments time and time again that are proven to be bad for our societies over the long term.

We embrace the myth that babies are not human until they are born.

Alcohol and cigarettes are proven to be bad for our health if used in excess and now we will be adding marijuana.

Our societies are grossly overweight.

We won’t do manual labour, so we bring in foreign workers to do those jobs.

We don’t reproduce in sufficient numbers, so we bring in immigrants to pick up the slack.

Some of those immigrants are Islamic, proven not to accept democracy or assimilate into our societies, thus establishing a ‘fifth column’.

Russia, China and Islamic terrorism are grave threats to our societies, yet we allow our military capabilities to decline.

Is our current situation unsustainable, or is it just me thinking this way?

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4 Responses to UNSUSTAINABLE

  1. Sheila Arthur says:

    Since I am one of the ones that is overweight, was just wondering what the one meant , ” our societies are grossly overweight”

  2. johnrmerriam says:

    Hey, I hear ya – I’m one too! I am speaking of society in general – life is good – too good.

  3. jmurphy says:

    So what happened… Voter turnout increased because Canadians realised that they had to get out and vote to get rid of Harper and take back the Canada that they once had and loved. The Conservative base is strong at it’s 30% and they will always get out and vote. It is obvious that the majority of Canadians had enough of Harper and what he was doing to our beloved country since a lot of really good NDP MPs lost their seats. The Liberals had the momentum and Canadians strategically voted to make sure that Harper was no longer in power.

    I will agree with one comment… Majority of voters are not informed. That is why the attack ads should not be allowed. A bunch of sound bites with no context is a waste of time. Run ads on your accomplishments and your proposed platform. Give me the facts.

    “The Conservatives provided very good government, perhaps the best that Canada has ever experienced.” – This is the craziest statement in your article.

    I don’t have time to list all of his failures but since Harper is an economist let’s look at his economic record since it should be solid.

    1) average annual real GDP growth rate of 1.6% – under Stephen Harper’s tenure the Canadian economy grew by nearly half the rate it did for his predecessors in the decade before he took office. It was nearly three times worse than Canada’s growth rate during the 1950s and 1960s.

    2) Harper’s 1% annual average growth in employment – the slowest job creation of any Prime Ministers since World War II.

    3) As job creation failed to keep pace with population growth, for the very first time since St. Laurent left office in 1957, Canada saw the employment rate decline under Harper.

    4) Since being elected in 2006, Canada’s exports have grown by a measly 0.3%, “by far the worst in post-war history.”

    Rather than just state that Harper’s government was “perhaps the best that Canada has ever experienced” please provide the facts. Let’s stay informed.

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