By John Merriam

Full disclosure: I read the Saturday Globe and Mail November 7th because I can’t get the National Post here in Nova Scotia and the Halifax Chronicle Herald is, in my opinion, the worst daily in the country.

I have just concluded reading the Saturday G&M and have discovered that I have been wrong all these years supporting conservative causes. Not only that, but I have been opposed to what Canadians want.

I was wrong on the economy, the courts and justice matters. I was wrong to support the former Prime Minister and wrong to advocate a cut in funding to the CBC.

I was wrong on defense and global warming.

I was wrong to suggest that Islamic immigration would harm our culture.

I have now discovered that since I have grey hair, I am irrelevant in today’s body politic – a new generation of politicians has taken over. Not only dead wrong, but useless as well.

The Globe is raving about the new Bay Street millionaire finance minister. So much so, that it must fear that the rest of the Liberal cabinet is so unruly that it is like herding cats to keep them in line.

In order to produce a balanced budget in three years time, Morneau will need to herd those cats.

I don’t think he can do it.

Let’s see how popular Sophie’s choice is when election time rolls around.

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  1. Doug Mcbride says:

    Why do you want my credentials I would have posted my opinion as I,d be wrong also !

    Sent from my iPad Air


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