By John Merriam

Once the Conservatives were defeated in the October 19th election, I fully expected the PM to step down a few days later. Instead, he announced on election eve that he would step down and asked the party to arrange for an interim leader to be named. The next day, he seemingly inexplicably said that he would retain his seat.

Rona Ambrose is the interim leader of the party and she is apt to hold this position for at least two years, when a new leader will be chosen.

The former PM will of course sit on the front bench of the Official Opposition and he is perfectly suited to comment on the economic policies of the Liberal government. If I were The Dauphin, I would not look forward to receiving those questions.

We know that the former PM’s policies over the past many years were the correct ones. Trudeau is not up to the job and his policies will be the opposite of the Conservatives and will therefore ultimately fail.

Serious cracks in the Liberal armour should be visible for all to see two years from now.

What if……….what if Mr. Harper’s goal is to then seek the leadership of the party again!

It has happened before in Canadian politics and stranger things have happened. What do you think?

John R. Merriam's photo.
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5 Responses to WHAT IF………

  1. Esther Lindberg says:

    EXCELLENT outcome!

  2. D Mcbride says:

    I would vote Harper reason is history ! History doesn’t lie neither does Harper !

  3. Chris Bradley says:

    It would never happen. As much as I love Harper, the lies constantly delivered by 3d party operatives (including foreigners) and then constantly repeated by mainstream media sunk in and damaged his image too much. I’m sure he would agree with this. However, knowing that he will be able to comment during question periods is beautiful! I think we all need some time to undo some of the damage created (by exposing the lies about Harper and the party) on a regular basis. It has only been a couple of weeks and the amount of collusion between special interest groups and individuals, including Peter Mansbridge, that has been exposed already is unbelievable! Lots more to come!

  4. Nathan says:

    I hope you’re right. The results of the election opened my eyes to something. Having a good leader isn’t enough if the people are stiff necked and sinful. “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” Harper did right by me when he said that we are at war with islam, because we are. I’m a Christian conservative (as all Christians ought to be if they read their Bibles) and the one thing I wanted Harper to do most was polarize the parties to a greater degree. I watched the Munk debates and Treudeu said that Harper “just doesn’t like Obama”. Harper responded by saying that Canada has a good relationship with the USA. He should have called Obama out. Something to the effect of “What’s there to like about a man who sells out his country and allies to barbarous foreigners? I’m against giving Iran the bomb; I’m against buying billions of barrels of oil from nations that have vowed to kill every Jew and Christian, and I’m against opening up our borders to anyone but Jews and Christians from those nations.” I just need to take my own advice and call out sin when I see it.

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