Ąntòn Kyanq: The Upcoming Islamic Jihad in Canada

CCS Note:  This article was written by Ąntòn Kyanq and posted here with permission.

Ąntòn Kyanq: The Upcoming Islamic Jihad in Canada

Today, the Syrian refugee crisis has become global. It has emerged into a new wave of terrorism with the mission to tear down the European Union’s peace, security and stability, and to reposition it as the center of terror for the first time in history. All this is due to the open-border policy of the European Union of welcoming refugees and allowing them to walk freely in without proper security or medical screening. Meanwhile, the newly elected Liberal Party Government of Canada is unwisely pursuing a similar policy and procedure in order to allow the refugee influx into Canada, seemingly without consideration to the threat this will pose to the national security and safety of Canada.

The Syrian government’s inability and failure to address the plight of the Syrian population is the resultant Syrian Refugee Crisis. Instead of establishing the good governance and providing justice to the masses, it became a dictatorial regime suppressing dissident voices with the backing of one of the world’s revolutionary theocratic states and long-term sponsor of terrorism – Iran. Since the unrest of 2011 Arab Spring protests which have been favored by the Western governments’ indirect services rendered to topple the Syrian regime of Bashar al – Assad opened a way for four-year-long Syrian civil war and gave unprecedented rise to the IS and rebel groups’ proxy war in the region. In addition, the Islamist Jihadists, in compliance with the Wahhabi/Salafi Islamic Ideology declared a Caliphate, that is, an Islamic state, which has now come to be known to the world as IS (Islamic State), Daesh, and formerly ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham). It unleashed an horrific spectre – a fanatical war whose objective is to subjugate the entire ethno-religious communities through an indescribable volume of torture, rape, sexual enslavement, forced prostitution, forced marriages, and forced conversions. These practices have included the massacring of civilians in the name of religion, burning prisoners of war alive, dismemberment and forced disappearance of people of all ages. This de facto state has committed the most heinous war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide by giving a center stage to its outrageous Islamic Jihadist cause.

It is, indeed, a glaring injustice done to the people of Syria that they have had to become refugees, fleeing violence and death due to the endless Sunni – Shiite power struggles. Struggles which invariably give rise to imperialism and hegemony over conquered regions to reign it by one of the two main branches of Islam, such as is most evident in the IS Caliphate. The Islamic State through its terror wing operations in the West have made their cause a global one and have publicly stated their aim of bringing down the West. The IS Jihadists who have widely disseminated Jihad – centric messages throughout the electronic media proclaimed last February that they were bringing Jihad to the West by means of creating a global refugee crisis. They have stated they will use the refugee crisis to relocate more terrorists to different places in the West.

In responding benevolently but imprudently to this injustice done to the Syrian people, the EU has allowed Jihadists, trained in guerrilla warfare to infiltrate the masses of refugees who have entered into Europe, and who now wish to enter Canadian soil. Their ultimate goal is to wage a war of Jihad against the foundation of Judeo-Christian heritage and Kafirs/Infidels (non-Muslims) or, as has rightly been said, to embark on an international Jihad to massacre every religious community except the Muslim Community which is under the Islamic State. Iran revealed that there are more than 40,000 Jihadists who have been awaiting instructions from their superiors to carry out suicide attacks – Shahada (Islamic Martyrdom) – in the West. Mohammad Ali Samadi, the spokesman for the Setad Pasdasht Shohadaye Nehzat Jahani Islam (Headquarters for the Commemoration of the Martyrs of the International Islamic Movement) speaking during a suicide bombers’ sworn ceremony in Tehran, said that “Israel is a target of the group along with the U.S. and European Union countries”, where the group has allegedly recruited militants. “We have brothers who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the triumph of Islam in Great Britain, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and also the United States.”

The call to submission to Allah and the command to subjugate non-Muslims until they submit to the authority of Islam is an undeniable truth and teaching of the Qur’an. When Qur’anic verses are in contradiction the latter verse supersedes the previous verses. Thereby seemingly neutral verses (for example, regarding other religions) in the first part of the Qur’an are superseded by the more warlike and aggressive verses in the latter part of the Qur’an. The most radical in nature of these latter verses call on believers to bring the world under one umbrella of Islamic rule, a single state, which is the Islamic State. One method for accomplishing this is through Hijra. The concept of Hijra (immigration/invasion) is based on the teachings of Muhammad in the Hadith. The Hadith is a collection of traditions containing the sayings of Muhammad (the Sunna) and is second only to the Qur’an. It is a major source for guiding Muslims in how to live their lives. The purpose of Hijra is to supplant native populations and supersede their governments internally and through cultural and political processes. And Hijra is the predecessor to the Islamic Jihad.  Hadith number 2863 Kitab al Amthael reported by Tirmizi, also reported by Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbel as Hadith number 17344:

I charge you with five of what Allah has charged me with: to assemble, to listen, to obey, to immigrate and to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah.(Jami` at-Tirmidhi Book 41 Hadith 2863)

Dr. Bill Warner, a university professor with a profound historical knowledge of political Islam stated that, “The first step was realizing that the Islamic texts had been made deliberately difficult to read and comprehend.” A programme, the Trilogy Project, was created to strip away the confusion in the Qur’anic texts in order to make its precepts as clear as possible. It became clear that Islam is not constructed on the same civilizational principles as the rest of the world. Simple statistical methods revealed that dualism and submission are the foundational principles of Islamic doctrine.

Statistical methods applied to the Islamic texts showed that:

  • Islam is far more of a political system than a religion.
  • There is no unmitigated good in Islam for the Kafir (non-Muslim).
  • Islam’s ethical system is dualistic and is not based on the Golden Rule (i.e. ‘do unto others as you would they do unto you’).
  • Islamic doctrine cannot be reconciled with our concepts of human rights and the Canadian Constitution.
  • The overwhelming majority, 96%, of all Islamic doctrine concerning women subjugates them.
  • The Sunna (what Muhammed did and said) is more important than the Qu’ran in a Muslim’s daily life.

Dr. Warner coined the term, ‘Foundational School of Islamic Studies’, which holds that Islam is founded upon the trilogy of the Qu’ran, the Sira (traditional biographies of Muhammad) and the Hadith (the sayings and deeds of Muhammad). All evaluation of Islamic history and current activity is caused by the doctrine found in this Trilogy.

Most of the warnings given by intelligence and security institutes in regards to rule of law, democracy, safety, security, economic development and peace and stability are being ignored by the Canadian government. Despite witnessing the staggering consequences of free and open borders to all-comers in Europe, the Government is going ahead with its plan to accept 25,000 Syrian refugees. These consequences range from occurrences of sporadic violence of refugees to a culture of rape in refugee centers and among the refugee population, and epidemic outbreaks of infectious diseases. The cause of these consequences is the infiltration of Jihadists which is evolving into a new wave of terrorism to hit the continent with an agenda of Universal Islamic Jihad. Yet, the Canadian government refuses to listen and learn and will not turn down the proposal to bring 25,000 able-bodied Syrian refugees (the majority of whom, if going by the EU experience, seem to be military fit males) before the 1st of January 2016 deadline, and now extended until the end of 29th  of February 2016.

This disastrous policy will bring about unpredictable sufferings to Canada and its people with the invasion of Islamist Jihadists in the name of the refugee crisis. Unless the decision can be successfully challenged by the Canadian Official Opposition, Canada will be at great risk of extreme terrorism similar to that of today’s Middle East. On the other hand, no political party will be able to save Canadians once these measures are in place. And when terror hits, the Jihadists will not care if the victim voted for the Liberal Party of Canada or was sympathetic to the refugee cause. This will not be an exemption to ‘convert or die,’ in the eyes of the bloodthirsty Islamist Jihadist group (IS) nor any other Jihadist. The Islamist Jihadists arriving in Canada with the refugees will within a relatively short period of time run amok, eliminating the lives of Canadians and disseminating terror. In the course of time, after garnering a powerful-enough force, Islamist Jihadists will want to besiege Canadian cities in order to purge the rest of the peaceful multicultural and multi-ethnic religious communities in a bloody rampage. With a call to Jihad the Islamic radical organizations and its proxy networks in Canada will willfully come to pledge allegiance to IS in order to beset swathes of Canadian territories and institute a sphere of influence under the banner of Islamic State. If the Islamic States’ suicide squad operations become more successful against Canadian military blockades it will switch Canada into a medieval age. At this stage, they will mark the houses of Canadian Christians with the letter “ن”– the Arabic letter “N” to distinguish them from Muslims. The letter “ن” is an Arabic acronym for the word Naṣrānī (Nazarene), the word they use for Christians. It was used by the Islamic State in the Middle East, to demand Christians either convert to Islam or be killed or leave. Father Douglas Bazi, an eye witness to the barbarity of IS, said, “100,000 Christians fled the Iraqi city of Mosul in one night after the IS Jihadists gave a 24-hour ultimatum to leave or pay $7,900 jizya (an Islamic tax levied on non-believers) which is more than the yearly salary of the average Iraqi… or be killed.” It is foreseeable that IS Jihadists will not permit any delay of the exodus of the native Canadians once the dates are set by the leader of Islamic State. On the contrary, resistance to the demands of IS in a war, will result in a tragic loss of Canadians’ lives.

Sharia Law permits hostile members be taken into custody in a war, for women to be made into sex slaves and men to be beheaded for the cause of the advancement of Islam. In accordance with those puritanical laws, your daughters and wives would be given forcibly into marriage to IS Jihadists and serve as concubines or be sold as sex slaves. Subsequently, the captured men would be beheaded in case that they cannot afford to pay the multi-million dollar ransom or refuse to recite the Shahadah (a declaration of the Islamic Creed, submitting oneself to Allah and accepting Muhammad as the last prophet) – “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.” This latent theory regarding the invasion of Canada by Islamist Jihadists is feasible, because of the existing security gaps. Radicalized Muslims have been acquiring key roles in the major Canadian cities to serve their cause in the future. The Islamic embassies and Islamic cultural and religious sections have served as vehicles for the recruitment of radical Islamists in order for them to engage in covert operations.

Europol revealed its agency database contained only 28,000 people in the EU who needed to be monitored for possible connections to terrorism. In the recent refugee border crossings into Europe, only a few unmasked Islamist Jihadists, who had appeared in IS videos, were captured by intelligent officers. Most of the unidentified Jihadists allegedly encroached into Europe due to the inability to track down any records of how many may have joined IS and undergone training at terror camps or foreign Jihadists returned back to the West from Middle East. It is a fact that Turkey is the center of foreign Jihadists en-route to Syria to join IS. Recently, an IS weapon shipment – en-route from Turkey to Libya was intercepted by the Greek coast guard Special Forces at the port of Heraklion on the Greek island of Crete in September 1, 2015. It is confirmed that Turkey is among the list of three major refugee stationed countries which were selected by the government of Canada to liaise with their governments to bring refugees into Canada. The Citizenship and Immigration Minister John McCallum announced on November 9, 2015 that “Every option is on the table. Whatever works. Whatever is cost-effective. Whatever will get them here safely and quickly.” Further, he decided to lodge IS Jihadists, disguised as bona fide refugees in the first batch of 12,000 refugees, into Canadian Military Bases. Meanwhile, the Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister. Stéphane Dion, insisted on inviting the state sponsor of terrorism, Iran, in the guise of constructive diplomatic dealings. While the 1951 United Nations Refugee Convention defined the term refugee as someone who is “owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality, and is unable to, or owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country.” People fleeing war or other armed conflicts come under the same criterion. Apparently, the UNHCR’s (the United Nations refugee agency) failure to comply with its own refugee convention and protocols as it let through terrorists pretending to be refugees, to orchestrate the first ever IS Jihad Operation through a refugee crisis in France. The IS claimed responsibility for their coordinated killing spree, calling it “First of the Storm,” which was carried out by its trained operatives on the innocent civilians, killing 130 and injuring 350 on Friday night, November 13, 2015, in Paris. Who will be held liable for the lessons not learned in blood from the Paris attacks?

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau PC MP pledged at elections that if he was elected as Prime Minister, he would bring 25,000 refugees to Canada, and that this act of humanity, to rescue the persecuted people of Middle East, should not be compromised with citizens’ safety and the national security of Canada. Recently, the government of Canada welcomed a new decision to increase the refugee intake from 25,000 to 50,000 by the end of 2016. The Hon. Rona Ambrose, the head of the official opposition of Canada and interim leader of the conservative party, raised deep concerns about the Syrian refugees’ resettlement in Canada on her announcement on 20th of November,

“I ask today to Prime Minister Trudeau to be open and transparent as to the manner in which he will accommodate, securely and responsible, 25 000 Syrians in less than six weeks, which represents more than 500 People per day.” It is paramount to address the inadequacies within the refugee resettlement program before increasing numbers of refugees, as it is clearly discernible in the process that the absence of any database availability to assess the correlation between Syrian Refugees and Jihadists poses a potential risk to Canada. The program should be re-evaluated and enhanced in regards to the vetting and double security checking of refugees. Furthermore, all refugee claims should be postponed until further notice. Refugee claims should only be accepted from legitimate refugees whose very existence is at stake in Middle East, such as Chaldean-Assyrian-Syriac Christians, Kurds, Yezidis and other minorities. In the meantime Canadians must stay alert and prepare to defend the nation against the upcoming Jihad unless the government of Canada gives heed to the Islamic Jihad threat against the Canadians.

Anton Kyanq is a multi-disciplined person who serves as an Apostle of Jesus Christ to the Islamic world. He has a background in practical theology and missiology and extensive experience in reconciliation and peacebuilding, human rights activism coupled with writing articles on counter- terrorism.

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7 Responses to Ąntòn Kyanq: The Upcoming Islamic Jihad in Canada

  1. roberthakim says:

    Reblogged this on Robbie's Blog and commented:
    It is due time for that discussion not only to become public but also to shed truthful light on its ramifications!

  2. Sandra Buck says:

    This should not be allowed in our country. We as Canadians and my forefathers have sacrificed and died to build our country to the standards that we now take forgranted. Islam and the Muslim Ideaology is not a religion its a terrorist organization that needs to be destroyed.

  3. Larrie Cole says:

    how you doing , i am glad there are others with the truth of the situation. we are all in big trouble, as they use this diversion to steal billions, and not act on our behalf at all…..the criminals are running the prison….and someone lost the keys.

  4. Ab says:

    How will ISIS gain enough control to take over Canada to terrorize the entire population into submitting? I can’t see them going around painting letters on our doors. Has this even happened in Europe yet? I could see certain parts of the city being dangerous to walk through, like a ghetto – but not an entire city – like say Ottawa. The most they will do is increase anxiety in the locals as they carry out soft target attacks, such that folks prefer to stay at home, rather than go out. They won’t get much further than that. I can’t see them being able to levy a tax or require Christians to leave. The laws here won’t allow that. It’s not realistic. If this could happen it would have already happened in Europe by now where there are TONS of Muslims there. The most they have been able to do is make certain parts of a city no-go zones, which local police could easily put down if they wanted to. The only way this could happen is say in 50 to 100 years when there are more Muslims than non-Muslims. It will be gradual. It won’t be in our life time. I also think folks will never stop eyeing Islam with suspicion, and a huge terror attack will eventually be enough for folks and government to enforce existing laws, and for our military to treat those who behave like a foreign army like one. They’ll never take over here. Just cause problems. They will only be able to cause trouble and disturb Canada. Not take over. Never going to happen. If you disagree, then lay out a scenario that is realistic.

  5. Ahmed says:

    There is no strategy for governments to defend and defeat Islam. They are using it to spread fear among their populace such that the Corporate Police State can rush to the rescue. They will continue to use Islamic violence and rape to keep the people submissive, so that all manner of human rights atrocities can be used to Keep Profits High within Corporate Fascism. We have two enemies: Islam, of course, AND Capitalists, who very clearly are using Islam to further their agenda of complete Corporate dominance of governance. Capitalists have a many centuries long history of not letting things like war get in the way of profits. I cite World Wars I and II, AND the Cold War as classic text book examples. This is no different.

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