By John Merriam


In conservative sites, we see liberals portrayed as being stupid. In reverse, the same applies in liberal sites.


In truth, liberals are no more stupid that conservatives, it is just that there is a profound difference in ideology. You all know the values that conservatives have, so won’t get into that here, other than to say conservative principles are the correct ones, as any apolitical person would attest to.


Liberals are naïve and have a rosy view of the world. They believe in share-the-wealth welfarism. They have an animosity towards free enterprise capitalism and that is why they are opposed to coal, oil, gas and their transportation. They fervently believe in the current warming trend of the earth as being caused by big business and mankind in general.


Liberals see a world the way they wish it to be, not the world we actually live in. There is no such thing as a social program that should not be pursued.


Said Kenneth Minogue in “The Liberal Mind” (1963):

“Liberalism does not preach self-reliance or self-determination. It does not advocate moral rectitude, nor does it support genuine altruism of private charity”.


To a liberal, share the wealth and expansion of freedoms is the way to go. They don’t understand that eventually we would end up ungovernable and become a pushover for some foreign despot.


Conservatives of course have a polar opposite view of the world. They are usually called in by the electorate to clean up some liberal mess – but unfortunately, that same electorate will eventually turn to some liberal snake charmer again.


Liberalism is fine in its place. Great works of art, music, film and literature were created by liberals.


The problem arises when they decide that they know how to govern as well – the court jester becomes king. The current Canadian Prime Minister and the American President fit the bill, and such a person can create great difficulty and an aura of incompetence that can cause many problems over the long term.


As an example of the mentality of liberalism, let’s look at the film ‘Pretty Woman’ starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. Julia portrays a person just like the girl next door – clean, common sense attitude, well groomed and a broad smile. All she needed was a hand up by the knight in shining armor Richard Gere.


Conservatives see the real world – a prostitute is the result of a troubled childhood where physical and perhaps sexual abuse took place. She is dirty, smokes, has bad teeth and is drug-addled. She and her pimp would cut your throat just as soon as look at you. There is no fixing her. It is complete fantasy that such a person would ever be desired by a handsome billionaire. Conservatives understand this, liberals aspire for it to happen.


Right now, Canada is accepting up to 25,000 Muslim displaced persons from the Middle East, many of whom are refugees from Syria. Our Liberal Party government in Ottawa thinks that these people will be law-abiding citizens who will develop our values. They see ‘Pretty Woman’, conservatives see profound difficulty.


Conservatives understand that these people had 2000 years to develop democracy and failed to do so –anywhere. Conservatives understand that no other Muslim nation would take them in except on a temporary basis.


In the Muslim mind, their devotion to undemocratic Islam is total. They want the teachings of the Q’uran to govern every facet of their lives, from the mosque, to the schools to the courts, to every activity of their lives.


Not all Muslims will end up as terrorists, but some of them in the first and subsequent generations will. They will be devoted to mayhem and the tearing down of our democratic society that we have carefully cultivated and developed. Some of them will eventually find themselves in the USA, crossing our 4000 mile border. Be warned.


The responsibility for all of this will rest 100% on the shoulders of liberals.




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  1. roberthakim says:

    Reblogged this on Robbie's Blog and commented:
    A worthwhile everybody’s time to read and to ponder. I loved most the quote that the author used, and I echo it.
    “Liberalism does not preach self-reliance or self-determination. It does not advocate moral rectitude, nor does it support genuine altruism of private charity”. Said Kenneth Minogue in “The Liberal Mind” (1963).

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  3. Chris Bradley says:

    Great article but I would add a couple of points. All artists are not Liberal. They may start out believing themselves to be Liberal but after spending enough time in Liberal land they soon recognize that they don’t belong there, usually when they realize that Liberals are incapable of adding and subtracting. Liberal math always has an accompanying formula. Those at the top of the Liberal elite chain are always the ones controlling the details of the formulas like evaluations, liabilities, accounting standards and so on. I’m convinced that this is why conservatives have been losing elections lately. They have great difficulty understanding why the majority of voters don’t get the simple math. To be fair to the Conservatives though, by the time all of the artists, designers, media, entertainers, marketing groups, unionized professors, actuaries, arbitrators, environmentalists and special interest activists finish with their aligned talking points and presentations of ‘facts’ even many Conservatives have difficulty remembering that 1+1=2.
    Conservatives don’t need to learn how to add and subtract but they do need to learn how to sell.

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