The Future of Conservative Ideology

BlueC copy39.5% of the Canadian electorate voted for the Trudeau Liberals in the October 19 General Election.

The mainstream media in this country reported that as a ‘landslide victory for the Liberals’.  While the likes of certain CBC and CTV personalities gloated that “Canada is Back”, they ignored the fact that in 2011, 39.6% of the electorate voted for the Harper Conservatives.

99 seats in the House of Commons does not constitute an abysmal failure; the Conservative Party of Canada will perform the honourable role serving as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.  And kudos to the Party for achieving that!

We can be prepared to settle into that role for the next four (or likely eight) years.  The question then becomes, what can we do to further a Conservative mindset?

The Conservatives have enjoyed almost a decade in power.  But I think that the grassroots element of Conservative ideology took that for granted.  We’ve done nothing during that time to further the ideas and notions like-minded conservatives have put forward.

At this point, the Conservative Party is doing just fine; Rona Ambrose is doing a great job as Interim leader, and with 99 seats in the House, the Party is doing just fine.  Contrary to what the mainstream media would have you believe, the Conservatives weren’t decimated in this past election.

The Party will be fine, so let’s discuss the grassroots elements.

I’ve often spoke of the left-wing bias in mainstream media, big public sector labour unions and so-called indoctrinations that propagate left-wing ideology in our universities and public school systems; to say nothing of NGO’s and other self-described grassroots movements in this county.

Heaven forbid you’re a young aspiring journalist in University with a conservative perspective; you’ve got the harder argument.  After a decade of lost leaders and no real power in Ottawa, the spreading of left-wing philosophy didn’t take a break during that time in promoting their ideologue.

If there’s one complement I can extend to the left it is that they’ve done a better job at infiltrating the grassroots; convincing the masses that a socialist (or a progressive) agenda is the best way forward for this country.  Facts and critical thought are not important; for government can take care of all that ails you.

It’s time for like-minded conservatives to do the same; we are sadly lacking in the creation and propagation of conservative ideologies.  This Page, this Blog is an attempt to show that conservative ideology and Canadian values are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Folks sharing a conservative mindset in their approach to government are not alone.  Fellow right-wing individuals will always find a friend here at Canadian Common Sense.  It was also extremely gratifying to learn that CCS doesn’t stand alone.

It is incredibly important to remember that right-wing ideology is not based in some obscure or extreme interpretation of Christianity.  Adaptation of right-wing values does not imply (and should not imply) a devotion to any one faith over another.  Values of the Right are congruent with Canadian values.

Ezra Levant, formally with the Sun News Network and now self-described “Rebel Commander” of the TheRebel.Media website had a few thoughts to share.

And I find myself in agreement with Ezra, and to that end, I look forward to working with groups such as the Common Sense Canadian, the Common Sense Revolution, and the various ON Canada campaigns to further the promotion of conservative ideology.

Canadian Common Sense (the former Kevin’s Common Sense) is a conservative grassroots forum; we’ve always been and will continue to be the most basic grassroots element to the democratic process and to the promotion of conservative values.

We need you.  Right-wing ideology needs your help.  Being conservative and suggesting that a common sense approach to government is not a bad thing; democracy encourages this!

If you’re of a conservative mindset, I ask you, I implore you, please help spread the message that Conservative ideology is inline with Canadian values.

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Kevin is a Canadian citizen, writer & blogger.
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5 Responses to The Future of Conservative Ideology

  1. Johnny Bond says:

    Hi Kevin. Do you follow Sandy Crux? Maybe all the sensible bloggers should work on building a common front.

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  3. If I could make one comment that would (I think) help to further our cause -stop calling it “right wing” or conservative “ideaology”.

    Conservatism or “conservative values” goes a lot better in the optics department.

    • Kevin says:

      Fair point Lorna, thank-you.

    • Chris Bradley says:

      Agreed. Progressives have been successful by marketing themselves as forward thinking, fair and ‘of the people’. They would never be successful promoting their opinions and policies as far left, socialist, unionist, opportunist, NDP or Liberal. I think our grassroots efforts have to focus more on exposing the self serving, primarily tax funded, revenue gouging cartel that brought down the one and only political party that was truly working in the best interest of the people and much less time worrying about changing conservative ideology. We must become better communicators and marketers outside of any relationship with a political party. With a clearer presentation of facts, most people will come to realize that they all share conservative values. Progressives have been given and will continue to be given too much time and too much free media space to continue to convince Canadians that they ARE Progressive. Countering that has to be a daily event, not just a frantic campaign effort during election periods and definitely not by Conservative candidates.

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