How We (Conservatives) Can Win The Next Election

This is a very interesting take on politics in Canada. I highly recommend a read!

Ted Campbell's Point of View

There are two kinds of political parties in Canada:

  1. Ideologicalones, which, broadly and generally, fail; and
  2. Big tentparties which, equally broadly and generally, succeed.

For years generations the federal Liberals and the OntarioProgressive Conservatives were the absolute masters of “big tent” politics in their respective spheres and they were, essentially, the “natural governing parties” in those spheres because they had captured almost all of the centre and enough of the centre left and centre right to hold on to power even without the support of the right of centre or left of centre voters.

In my opinion Canadian voter ideology follows the standard bell curve model:


There is a “hard left,” real, Marxists and a “hard right,” too. But the Left and Right in Canadian politics are both small, in my opinion. Most Canadians, 70% of us at a guess, are somewhere in…

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