Selfies: The New Norm

10847773_10204378541202348_8784024566857706458_nI always have to chuckle at the default question Facebook poses to its users.  You really wanna know what’s on my mind Facebook? Fine, here it is:

It has been my observations that reading a well written, long, logical argument tends to disengage the average Canadian; I’m not sure if it is merely a question of laziness or complacency on the part of the audience or just an excuse to not pay proper attention to their own government’s actions. Is the current generation so obsequious to the dogma they are constantly fed? It seems so, and that prospect is downright terrifying.

From the perspective of a thirty-year-old Canadian, yes, my younger peers seem to have been suckered into the notion that some social program will take care of them if things get too rough.

Taxes keep going up while services rendered continue to decline. Take the Ontario Hydro system for example; we’ve been hosed for over $37 BILLION with no end insight to the constant increases in price; families are literally choosing between paying hydro and putting food on the table.

Take for another example Ottawa’s green bin calamity; curbside trash-pick-up has been virtually reduced to once every two weeks. Remind me again please, why am I paying a fee (tax dollars) for a service I barely benefit from?

And yet so many Canadians appear eager to pay their part in a new Carbon Tax while completely ignoring the fact that carbon dioxide is plant food and that it’s a vital component to the photosynthesis process.

I challenge Canadians everywhere to rise up and question your leaders. Question the who, what, when, where, why and how of your elected officials.

Too many individuals are buying into the notion that the State will protect and fund them. This is the epitome of hubris; your kids will be paying long after you have surrendered your last dollars to the ‘establishment’.

Perhaps my younger friends are still naïve, perhaps they still think money grows on trees. Perhaps they honestly believe a promise made by the state that ‘ensures’ 100% care?

Did we create a generation of idiots?

They don’t realize that it is us and the baby boomers that are largely responsible for this cultural sense of entitlement. We can largely enjoy the benefits of mortgaging our future to enjoy a temporary reprieve sacrificing any potential future contribution offered by the next generation or we can lead by example and show our youth that personal accountability and responsibility are the keys to success and not bloated government.

Occam’s Razor teaches us that the simplest explanation tends to be the truth.  I will extend this argument further; we can ill-afford a government that claims our best interests at heart when simpler and more cost-effective solutions are available.  This culture of entitlements that the mainstream seem growing accustomed to will ultimately be our downfall.

The education of self responsibility and accountability seems to have been left behind in teaching our future generations.

At the risk of insulting those very individuals that I am attempting to solicit a donation from, I invite you all to wake-up and pay attention. Your silence is no longer satisfactory. It’s time to engage; it’s our turn now!  You do a genuine disservice to this country if you fail to lend your voice to democracy.

Conservative, Liberal, I don’t really care.  At this point, I would be happy with just an iota of Common Sense from our government.  The Conservatives were the closest party to hit that message, and I’m sure, they will be again.  Regrettably, the Liberals seem to be moving further away from caring for future generations.

Our new P.M. cares about you about as much as Wynne cares for her subjects in Ontario.  Socialist dogma dictates, “if it moves, tax it!”.

In the meantime, Canadians need to be more aware that it is unacceptable for our Prime Minister to be engaged in taking ‘selfies’.  He needs to be more concerned with you know, adult stuff.

But then what do I know?  I’m just a homophobic bigot attempting to scare you silly.   Hey, at least I’m not forcing you to subsidize my sorry ass.

It is incredibly ironic; I’ve extended the offer to left-wing persons to contribute to this Blog and all I receive in return is a track-record of cricket sound effects.
C’mon folks…!  Donate or contribute; the forum is here.

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Kevin is a Canadian citizen, writer & blogger.
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2 Responses to Selfies: The New Norm

  1. Well said … I really don’t know where we’re going as a society. I keep thinking something will turn us around.

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