Firewood Burn: Hypocrisy of the Social Elites

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“In other words, even though wood is a renewable resource that could reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, it is being systematically outlawed by the authorities.”

This is the third consecutive winter that I’ve heated my home with firewood. We’ve got two stoves, the big one in the basement and the little one upstairs that takes the edge off when it’s -40°C. We don’t burn oil, propane or natural gas. Nor do we use any heaters powered by electricity.

Not only has this saved my family thousands of dollars for our winter heating bill, this oldest of old technological practice of burning firewood still works even if the lights go dark.  Living in a rural area, we are prone to frequent blackouts and rolling outages.

What we save in dollars does cost us in time; it is a long process to block, split, stack and bring in the wood, but the net benefit outweighs the time factor.  And it is much cheaper to buy firewood than it is to purchase oil, propane, electricity or natural gas.

Plus, it’s renewable!

And here we were thinking, wow, we’re not using fossil fuels to heat our home.  Great!  We’re using a natural, renewable resource that literally grows as the trees.


This no longer good enough for the Progressive crowd. It would seem that I’m the barbarian for having the audacity to use a renewable source for heat.

Fossil Fuels do not grow on trees. But Firewood does; duh.

Oh that’s right… so silly of me, I had forgotten there for a second that it is the aim of the Progressive crowd to keep us, and insist upon our dependency on the state. Because this gives them control. This has the United Nations’ Agenda 21 written all over it.

“Wood burning bans are just another method that the Agenda 21-promoting authorities use to keep us helpless and under their strict control, while generating enormous profits for energy providers.”

This NaturalNews article notes, “In a blatant attack on those who prefer living as self-sufficiently as possible, citizens of Montreal have been ordered to first register their wood-burning stoves, and then ultimately get rid of them within three years, unless they meet rigid air quality standards.”

This is yet another example of how so-called progressive elites are trying to take away more of your rights and freedoms.  It is in their own selfish interest to do so; the greater their control mandates an increased state of dependency and complacency of the masses.

Progressive elites seek control and ill-informed masses conform.  This is socialism.

I’ve said it before and will say it yet again, “socialism is communism dressed in drag.”  The evils that seek to control your life through an ultimate “Nanny State” (which is a form of communism) are insidious.  A vote in favour of government control is a vote in favour of surrendering more of your rights.

Should I choose to defend my right to burn firewood, as our ancestors did since the beginning of our species, I will.  I do not tolerate this increased dependency on the state.  And nor should you.

And that is Canadian Common Sense.

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5 Responses to Firewood Burn: Hypocrisy of the Social Elites

  1. roberthakim says:

    It’s the Canadian LACK of common sense, Kevin!

  2. Sylvia Makk-Lainevool says:

    I’ve never heard of a ban of wood fires. In Canada? Don’t these nitwits know that in northern Ontario that is the only way to heat your home in some areas, islands in Lake Temagami, for instance where gettin hydro is too expensive or impossible. Do this elites have any idea of how the rest of Canada lives, Montrealers exepted?

  3. roberthakim says:

    Reblogged this on Robbie's Blog and commented:
    Canadian LACK of common sense at its best!

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