Why I Despise Justin Trudeau

12472387_10205560901958077_5628631722363888779_n copyIt has been suggested that I should articulate the reasons for my sincere and utter disdain for Canada’s 23rd  Prime Minister.

So here it is…

In 2013, the nation watched as the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) selected it’s new party leader.

Canada saw the fierce competition between the various candidates, from Marc Garneau to Martha Hall Findlay to Joyce Murray, among others including, Justin Trudeau.

I recall observing with rapt attention; Garneau would have been my vote if I was a member of the LPC.  Garneau, the former astronaut and former head of the Canadian Space Agency, was a candidate with exceptional credentials, integrity and demonstrated a solid understanding of the endeavour he had embarked upon and the consequences of a victory.  I was so disappointed when the space man threw his support behind the space cadet.  But I digress — pardon me.  I did not know at the time, that Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s oldest child was even the Member for Papineau until I saw him pop up in the Liberal leadership race.

The opposite can be said about Trudeau; it was merely suggested that the Member of Parliament for Papineau should toss his name into a bid for Liberal leader.  A man with limited political experience, absolutely no business experience, never had to put in an honest day’s work yet is still extremely wealthy; Trudeau is the proverbial stereotypical ‘blonde hottie’ that just won a ‘Miss Universe’ competition.

quotation-marks-left2“Ummm, ahhh, like what I want is like total world peace?…  Like we should umm…, ahh, like make friends with ahh … like people that you know … like ahh … want to kill us? We like totally need to show that we’ll like send … umm like parkas to the uhh refugees in like ahh a Syria?…  You know ’cause then they’ll ahhh like totally ummm like … like us for that!” – Satirical Proverbial Miss Universe

Now, I am one not to judge a son by the actions of his father, but I also understand the old adage, “like father, like son”.

Granted Trudeau Senior was before my time, but studying his actions and policies all throughout grade school and independently, I’d arrived at the inescapable conclusion; he had to be one of the worst Prime Ministers to serve that Office.

Watching Trudeau Junior campaigning for the Liberal Leadership, I saw a political lightweight from a riding I only had a vague notion of, rise to become the new leader.  When I watched him throughout that campaign, I saw an actor, a celebrity with barely some experience, go from newbie to King of the Liberals.

quotation-marks-left2“Whatever respect I had remaining for the Liberal Party of Canada died that day.” – Kevin Harris

And then the Conservative ‘war-machine’ kicked into high gear — and for good reason.  Their party strategists saw the same thing I did and arrived at the same conclusion; a celebrity rising in popularity.  A potential Prime Minister with fabulous hair and an empty head.  CPC Party strategists also observed another conclusion I had arrived at; this had potential disaster for Canada written all over it.  If this ‘Shiny Pony’ should become Canada’s P.M. it would mark the end of Canada’s economic progress, the end of balanced budgets, higher taxes, an end to our influence on the global stage and a standing invite to embrace the unelected, unaccountable United Nations’ sacred Agenda 21;  Stephen Harper was the last leader of a free world standing against such arbitrary UN doctrines.

But the media loved their new ‘Butterfly Boy’.  Portrayed as the rising star fresh faced candidate of a renewed Liberal Party more interested in self aggrandizing and taking selfies, mainstream media practically couldn’t keep from falling head over heels for this new star celebrity.

And now let us fast forward to October of 2015.  Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister Elect.

The celebrity won the General Election with nothing more than empty style and a flare for the dramatic; all the while being encouraged by a mainstream media too coward to ask the tough questions and an electorate too naïve and complacent to understand the disastrous Pandora’s Box they opened.

I’m honestly not sure who I am more disgusted with at this moment.  Could it be the mainstream media?  Could it be the masses?  Could it be public sector unions?  Could it be the Liberal governments of Kalamity Kate in Ontario or Crazy Couillard in Quebec?  They all fell for the swooning, politically correct, sexy dude with fabulous hair.

And for causing such division between eastern and western provinces, I question Trudeau Jr.

For the ongoing, continuous fawning honeymoon period, I question mainstream media.

With ongoing disasters and scandals that have plagued virtually all liberal governments in recent memory(Ontario most notably), I notice the naïvety, complacency or perhaps stupidity of the mainstream electorate.

And Justin Trudeau was the man who blind-sided charities and universities with outrageous speaking fees.  Trudeau has had one of the worst attendance records in the House of Commons.  His actions have suggested to me that he does not value and respect any Public Office he may hold.

The above Facebook post reads:

quotation-marks-left2So this friend of mine met Justin Trudeau just shortly before he became Prime Minister.
This friend of mine is a professional mover and entirely non-political. In fact, whenever I bring up politics, she usually tells me to shut-up.
However, she shared with me a description of her encounter with Trudeau Junior:
“He was so arrogant! We were there to move furniture. He considered me and my crew lower than dirt; we were merely subjects he looked down upon. There were no ‘pleases’ or ‘thank-yous’, just incessant orders. Honestly, him and that wife of his, well, JACKASSES come to mind.”
Granted, I quoted my friend, slightly less-than-verbatim, but I thought you would enjoy a truly grassroots encounter with our ‘Jackass P.M.’.

Justin Trudeau is a man trying to fill a role too big for him; he rode in on the coat tails of his father’s successes through his famous last name.

The Liberal brain trust is calling the shots now.  In true Liberal fashion, accountability and self-responsibility went out the window.

It is no secret I despise the man who fails to protect our population while pretending to be our best friend.  Justin Trudeau is a liar and a hypocrite too coward to truly rise into the role of leader.  For now, he’s merely a puppet; a pretty boy with an empty head and a famous last name.

I’ll get into a more specific list of Justin’s gaffes, bad calls and bimbo blatancies in a blog post later.  But here is hoping I provided you, Canada, a more accurate description of the particulars of exactly why I despise Justin Trudeau.

I worry about you Canada.  Wake up before it’s too late.  Please.  I beg you; think about it.  Please do some homework; it is your civic duty.

Justin Trudeau and his band of happy go lucky Liberals, the corrupt and bias United Nations will ultimately be our down fall.  It’s up to you now ‘average citizen.’  You have a voice; use it will ya?!?!?

And that is Canadian Common Sense.  #GameOn

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Kevin is a Canadian citizen, writer & blogger.
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195 Responses to Why I Despise Justin Trudeau

  1. John says:

    i think we need to excercise our freedom of peaceful demonstration across Canada , It might be unfortunate if this shuts down all commerce in Canada for a period of time. Look at the demos in the U.S. That are still effecting Trump. We Canadians need to stop being so generous. We need to peacefully demonstrate by the thousands to send this puke a message soonNi More Trudeau

    • Some of us have tried. 5000 of us marched in May against Trudeau and his policies. Didn’t even get a mention by the mainstream media….but..what else is new. They don’t dare rock the boat

      • Defran says:

        Did you actually expect a mainstream mention? Most people don’t realize that the CBC is propped up by over $1 Billion annually from the Liberal government. That probably means we currently see/hear only the narrative, talking points and agenda of the Liberals while opposing commentary is likely to get little or no air-time. The CBC could be considered a modern-day Pravda in some ways. The folks south of the border who have their own “fake news” are in a similar boat. It’s called television “programming” for a reason my friends – it’s the most pervasive propaganda tool ever created and, here in Canada, the government wields that weapon virtually every minute of every day, deceptively leaving out little details like a 5000 person march against the guy with the sock fetish who calls himself Prime Minister.
        Do yourselves a favour – cancel your television subscriptions and subscribe to the more open and trust-worthy, self-funded alternative media. That’s what my wife and I did. We haven’t had TV in about 2.5 years and we’re more informed because of it. Let’s say, we were self red-pilled. It’s refreshing to get the truth and a more comprehensive picture of what’s going on in Canada and across the globe. I can’t recommend it enough. And for those reading who still believe that the mainstream media isn’t a propaganda tool, watch this brief YouTube video and see if you still feel the same way afterward:

        It’s worth noting that the CBCNews does get it right from time to time, as it did in this particular article by Robyn Urback at CBCNews:
        Notice however that although the news article itself appears to be a fair exposé this time, the article shines a light on Trudeau government propaganda.
        Propaganda is all around us but the truth can still be ferreted out. Do your own research. Don’t implicitly trust the mainstream media. Rely more on self-funded news sources (I like TheRebel.Media but there are even a multitude of trustworthy citizen journalists out there). Read beyond provocative headlines to the meat of the story. Reference and cross-reference multiple sources. Check referenced material where you can. And above all – avoid complacency and put in the effort to at least get properly and fully informed.

  2. reeko says:

    your right justin is a jack ass, globalist, and a nazi like his father that wanted to Europeanize us with the stupid metric system that put us into billions of dollars into debt.. like father like son. Also with everything that has happened in Germany and France with the murders, he still welcomed 35,000 Syrian refugees here. Talk about some one that cares less about Canada, it is all part of a global engineering plan to create KAOS.. I think trump will have a field day with this asshole..Also he wants to stifle our free speech about sharia, and if talk about any muslim in a way we can be prosecuted !! do you believe this un rational concept.. he is part of a big global problem that trump is getting rid of, and you have this goofball doing real stupid things to undermine Canada, and the people that voted him in.. I hope trump eliminates the un, then maybe Justin can stop this power trip, after all maybe this is all he has because he knows shit about politics and how to make Canada great again.. at the end of his term hopefully just one we will be in so much debt, great job Trudeau….

    • John Fox says:

      You realize that Canada is English and French and many First Nations People. It’s time to stand together as one. Start with your relatives, your friends and neighbours. Let’s give Trudeau and his crap Liberals a message across this country they will never forget. Do it peacefully but in unity. Let’s demand there resignation with no pension.

    • vickings says:

      Nazis were pro-white and anti-jews, this man Trudeau is anti-white and pro-jews. He is the opposite to nazis. Nazis would prefer not mixing races, Trudeau wants mixing races, but that would end white race . I think it is better to fight globalism. Do you have email to contact?

  3. Let’s lobby Trump to purchase all of Western Canada. Trudeau does not deserve our money. Then Trump could ensure we have jobs and a good life stile. I am sure if there is any terrorists in the West. Trump will weed it out. We have to be rid of the Trudeaus of Canada

    • V Kings says:

      If the science were more advanced it would be good to clone many Trumps and export them to many countries that need one. That is the only way to save the western civilization.

  4. nik says:

    Trudeau is a globalist who actively tries to create White Genocide. He is an anti-white, disgusting, bastard.

    • I don’t think Trudeau is French or English. He is Hines 57.
      Blood sucking, thief, stealing bitch. The premier of BC is the same.
      I support Trump

      • In Trudeau, s tiny little brain the white English Canadian, no longer exists. Just to think we paid this puke to teach school kids. The kids must of had a good laugh at that. His mother must of known someone in the education system. Imagine teaching kids how to butterfly dance and ballad. Mulroney got his kid a government job also. Another useless.
        How about a truck driver or loader operator or lumber piler for Prime Minister next round. They got more brains than these f…n idiots, and no what a days work is. Better yet I would vote in a biker.

    • arla7247 says:

      whether religious or not , we have to do something to keep Canada , Canadian. We are helping out taking Syrian refugees . Many people do not believe we should take in any, we should be helping our own. But it’s obvious that’s not going to happen . P.M. Trudeau seems to be ignoring Christian and minority groups in Syria. Christians are the most targeted because of their faith. They cannot stay in U.N. camps because this is where they are tortured , raped and slaughtered . We are trying to change that.
      Bonus: Christians don’t believe in Sharia Law . I think there is approx. 90,000 there.
      If you agree , please forward to friends
      Can be shared on facebook and Twitter if you would like.

      Please sign the petition , they do work.Arlette


  5. Trudeau continually refers to us as middle class Canadians. I think he is confused. Actual fact. We should be referred to as Equal Canadian Citizens.
    But let me experiment with the way his tiny brain works.
    1 there is a large number of old age pensioners that have done there work along with thousands of screwed over injured and disabled workers. There are many Canadians on social assistance for a variety of different reasons
    2 There is the working class person that pays for absolutely everything for every body.
    3 There is the lowest Canadian citizen last, like the Trudeaus of Canada. They give nothing, and take everything. from us. No disrespect meant. A leader that walks around like a fairy princess which I always used to think was fiction.. These Canadians suck every last drop of blood out of us. Do nothing positive.
    Damage our good citizens. Destroy our Country and Economy, Embarass U.S. In front of the world. Bankrupt the working Citizen. If you want to keep talking about different classes of citizens. That’s fine, here it is.

  6. Would like to move out of Canada,sick of Trudeau and Premier HILLARY CLARK of BC. I am almost old enough for my pension and can’t get a job in Canada even as a truck driver of which I have done most of my life. I find it ironic there is an Indo Canadian lawyer back east that has a web page that states immigration Canada in red with half a Maple leaf encouraging foreigners to apply for trucking jobs and he can easily get them entry to this Country based on a shortage of truck drivers. I am a excellent driver and have tried to find a job for the last five months .The Indo Canadian Lawyer add reads at minimum you must be at least 25 years old and a maximum of 55 years old. If that isn’t discrimination, nothing is. It’s obvious there is a lot of Political people getting financial kick backs into hidden accounts. People always talked about Castro and other leaders being Cominists. Maybe they were, but at least those ones were up front about. Ours work underground.

    • Dave says:

      Indians took over trucking for one reason only, they lie for each other about insurance history. Licensing fraud is also rampant. THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF NATURAL BORN CANADIANS THAT PAY FOR TRUCK DRIVER TRAINING BUT THEY CANT GET A JOB BECAUSE THEY CANT FIND SOMEONE TO LIE ABOUT THEIR EXPERIENCE. The govt turns a blind eye because their masters (the rich, usually American or other foreign) demand it. If u are behind the wheel by falsification of insurance history or license fraud, YOU ARE UNINSURED!! Think about it, they assure us they can keep terrorists out of the country yet they cant even verify the validity of documents used by truckers from places known to be hostile towards us.
      Write your local MP, MPP and demand that uninsured truckers be taken off the road, demand insurance verification legislation for commercial drivers.

  7. Marjorie says:

    Justin Trudeau is the demise of Canada. Jahadie Justin is bringing all these immigrants in so he can get votes cause he knows the real Canadians won’t be voting for the lying bastard ever again! He is going to ruin our great country and is allowing our children to be raped and assaulted by these animals. Let’s see him bring these animals into his neighbourhood! Maybe they can do free childcare for his wife who wants the tax payers to pay for her childcare while she goes and volunteers! Get Real Trudeaus’ work like the rest of the Canadians that built this country!

    • arla7247 says:

      whether religious or not , we have to do something to keep Canada , Canadian. We are helping out taking Syrian refugees . Many people do not believe we should take in any, we should be helping our own. But it’s obvious that’s not going to happen . P.M. Trudeau seems to be ignoring Christian and minority groups in Syria. Christians are the most targeted because of their faith. They cannot stay in U.N. camps because this is where they are tortured , raped and slaughtered . We are trying to change that.
      Bonus: Christians don’t believe in Sharia Law . I think there is approx. 90,000 there.
      If you agree , please forward to friends
      Can be shared on facebook and Twitter if you would like.

      Please sign the petition , they do work.Arlette


      • Dave says:

        What people need to understand is this is all about helping the rich! Our lying government wants it to degrade into arguments about racism, they sit back and laugh at how easy it is to get the taxpayer to help provide slave labor to the rich. Most of us are so stupid we can’t even begin to understand how the rich manipulate us. The lying media assures us that immigrants don’t take our jobs, tell that to the unemployed youth that needs these starter jobs. Junk food joints and box stores are supposed to have high turn over rates.

      • Arlette King says:

        If you are unhappy with what is going on in our country , we are trying to stop it. If you feel this way , please sign and pass on…….https://petitions.parl.gc.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-980

    • barbara lilly says:

      Get that ignorant idiot out of parliament. now.
      he’s a nutcase.

      • Jo says:

        I agree with absolutely everything you said. The ONLY thing he has going for him is charm…. The younger ones love him… Of course the Liberal’s love him and the Muslim’s love him…. I’m praying we have enough level headed Conservatives and “other’s” to vote and overcome him this time around… But these millennials… They can’t see past their nose… All they can think about is legalized pot and having a charming P.M………..They don’t know how he’s running the country… They don’t know what he’s leaving for them to pay for in his wake, they don’t know he’s allowing Muslims to badger him into allowing no one to say anything bad about them… Plus the praying in the schools and at work…I could go on and on but you are on top of things yourself and know very well where I’m coming from. I could rant and go on and on but unfortunately your not my target audience…I just wanted to let you know we stand united and if this asshole wins again God help us…. Jo

    • justsomeguy69er says:

      it’s not a “country” boy, learn to read. It’s a “dominion” which means it is the queen’s slave quarter. It is a mine and it is being sold off in large chunks to Chinese fraud right out from under your feet and STILL you do nothing to stop that. Nothing passes in Canuckistan except that the queen gives it the OK. You are deluded. “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those whom falsely believe themselves to be free” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  8. In response to Marjorie. There is good and some bad in all races. So not all immigrants are bad. My argument is this. Trudeau like is old man, immediately screwed the west. He got in because he is a liar and took advantage of children to do so. He is absolutely useless.
    My argument is not with the immigrants , but that we are by law having to change our customs, history and religious beliefs to accommodate there’s. Don’t forget we paid for and built the Country. Remember our proud RCMP uniform. Now it includes a Turbin. We welcome those that want to be real Canadians.Its different for those of us all early settlers that came here to build and carve a new life out of nothing but bare hands and sweat. Now they come here by the thousands and because of idiots like Trudeau there is no hard work or sweat from these new immigrants but rather we end up with it. On another note a ceremony as you are being sworn in as a Canadian is a joke. These immigrants must be laughing there asses off at us dumb fucks. After all, someone sworn in today can become your prime minister tomorrow. If you think there is nothing wrong with that. How long would it take a Canadian to get citizenship in Pakistan or Syria or any other country. Let’s use the USA as an example. If they let a Canadian move in, do you really think they are going to let you become the President. If asshole Trudeau can’t understand what he has opened up for our children. We better say a prayer for this dumb fucker. He is so dumb that you can’t even send him back to his old job. Which was apparently teaching kids. Canada, let’s make sure we vote this useless scum out, Canada stand up for our rights. Let’s vote this crap out. He is sick

    • Marjorie says:

      Well said! Yes there are good in many BUT having said that if we do the math and count the Muslims brought into Canada the amount of crimes committed by these Muslim refugees( of course these are not the unreported crimes) in the very short time they have been here, it is pretty damn easy to see where Canada will be in 5 years! We will be strapping on or inserting vaginal devices into our children to prevent them from being raped frim these animals! Not to mention the diseases they are bringing in! It’s a good job the Canada has made it legal to have sex with animals, now we have to worry about our sheep and goats too! Someone needs to tap Mr. Dress-up(Justin) with a fairy wand and make him go poof!

  9. Marjorie , I thought Justin said he carefully checked all the new immigrants out, you mean the dumb fucker lied to us again. Your s and my worry is going to be sooner than later after becoming a Canadian citizen within one year of arriving here. You can now lead the country. However can’t be any worse than the asshole we have now. As far as fear for your children, we do have two sets of laws in this country. One is the legal one

    • West canada says:

      Well fellow Canadians Justin did it. He went to the USA and met Trump face to face. I am sure he was wearing depends under that fancy suite.
      Trudeau is a useless, gutless bastard.I am sure he had knee pads on as well. Oh yes Mr. Trump can I get you some coffee, and how would you like me to run Canada. How many more refugees would you like me to take.

  10. Marjorie says:

    Just wait and see if Mr. Dress-up approves Bill 103, that will take away free speech of Canadians not being able to say anything bad about Muslins, for that would be considered Islamaphobia. I hate Trudeau and everything he stands for! I don’t like having his or Muslins views shoved down my throat and changing my Canadian traditions! Especially when I’m paying for it! It’s okay for them to call us names, assault us and literally steal monies to support their attack on Canadians. I hope someone takes him out! I was hoping someone in the US would have done this today!

    • Marjorie says:

      Here we have the MP Iqra Kahalid(( a Muslim immigrant) pushing for Bill 103 which condemns anything against Muslins, Is this not Shari Law! If this gets pushed through you will not be able to condem girls who are made to marry at 9 years old or some women being stoned to death in your neighbourhood, prayers being broadcasted by speaker phones over the cities, criticizing Islam is punishable by death, girls clitoris should be removed so they never have pleasure, women’s writs and ankles to be covered, Muslins can lie to non-Muslins for the advancement of Islam!!!! Is this what we want? This must be what Justin wants!!!! Fuck you Justin! I follow The Rebelnews for updates for asshole Justin

  11. No I don’t want any of that. I want others to respect our Canadian rights and values including our minister of national defence. Although apparently Canadian born. No turbin in government service . I respect your right to religion , but not in my Canadian Government . Also the Government is scamming Canadians about the requirement to have temporary foreign workers. Look at info Canadian trucking companies paying off government officials while an indo Canadian lawyer brings cheap truck drivers into Canada to avoid paying Canadians fair wages. Also the Russian settlement in Plamondan Alberta is doing exactly the same thing. Who is getting paid off to fuck Canadians out of their own country. Indo Canadians approached oil companies and offer trucking services for 25% less than Canadian companies, at the expense of non indo Canadian workers. It’s understandable that real Canadians are fucking sick of assholes like Trudeau. Governments including Harper have sold out the Canadian and fucked our country all for fraudulent compensation.

  12. Now we no how corrupt Trudeau and his government are. He has the RCMP patrolling borders and arresting Muslims entering our Country illegally . The RCMP make the arrest and turn them over to the Canadian Border services, which gives them free access to our Country. If the Border Guards were monitoring our borders, these guards would not be allowed to let them enter our country. This corrupt Trudeau bastard is fucking Canadians

    • vickings says:

      I think he is a puppet and is being paid by some guys, (the people pro-multiculturalism – migration, and owners of Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc.) All is part of a global agenda to have only one race ruling the planet and all others as their slaves (all brown color) .

      • This is my Country and I am my own god. I ask for nothing and give everything. Although I was born and raised in Canada, I hate this asshole country. All these people racing to cross the border. Well good luck to all of them. Welcome to the most fucked up country in the world. To all the new comers . Make sure you get into politics as soon as possible. That way you can write your own checks. And open the door to your relatives and friends. The country is yours stick it up your ass.

  13. Debbie says:

    Because of Trudeau in a few years Canada will be very unsafe. Let the terrorists come in Trudeau. You are an idiot! Do something for Canadians for once not the refugees and immigrants. You watch all us Canadians will be getting taxed for all these people coming into the country someone has to pay.

    • Canadian says:

      I don’t think these comments are helping Canadians. I think millions of Canadians need to get off our asses and Demonstrate to get rid of Trudeau.
      He’s far worse than Trump will ever be.
      We need demonstrate peacefully .It would be unfortunate if all Commerce in Canada ground to a halt for a day, a week or a Month. Maybe then this puke would get the message

      • Joe Ogieglo says:

        I have watched our Country being destroyed by some brainless kid whose most important thing was to get a selfie with 12 year old boys. We must join together in peaceful protest and shut down this Country for a couple days to show Trudeau that he needs to step aside before he totally destroys our once great Canada .We really need to get our act together before it is too late,Trudeau has angenda which is to fulfill his old mans wishes from the grave. # 1 destroy the West when that’s accomplished destroy what’s left.
        It’s time to act.

      • Jo Harvey says:

        To Cabadian:
        I was born in Toronto as we’re my parent’s, their parent’s and their parent’s
        Before them. I could probably go further but who really cares. I remember Pierre Trudeau like it was yesterday. I didn’t like him either. Justin is he’ll bent on doing worse damage than his father! Now that alone is terrifying
        I totally agree we have to start protesting to get our message of just how incompetent he is. Here’s our problem. The Democrats in the States has Billionaire George Soros funding the many protests and riots going on in the States. He’s organized most of them. As much as I would stand side by side and protest with all of you we have to get organized ourselves. Talking and
        Bitching to one another is great to reduce stress but that idiot Justin won’t
        be reading any of this. Plus we’re all not living in the same cities and towns. Now how do we get Canadian citizens to protest all on the same day or week-end?
        Put ads in newspapers? Social media? How? Facebook, Twitter, etc. If someone out there knows how and has the skills to do this pass it along to the rest if us. A Facebook page dedicated entirely for this purpose? We could organize and swap ideas from there. Direct all our anti Justin friends to it. Get our Cities, town’s listed. We can add our names or not. Get some sort of head count. I think it’s worth a go. What about you? Canada Day would be the perfect day for protesting. Just my idea pls feel free to comment on your own but we must get off this forum and into the streets to let not only Justin with his huge ego but let the world know Canada is NOT this perfect place that Justin keeps telling world leaders. We have huge problems too and Justin is right smack in front of our ire. Let’s wipe that smirk once and for all off his face! Who is with me?

      • Canadian says:

        Start with your friends, family neighbours, paint up signs.
        Walk the sidewalk
        Hio, Ho, Ho, Justin has to go
        Make sure you have some signs that say Canada. Others will follow or join in

      • Jo Harvey says:

        I love the idea that was sent to me. Paint signs and try to get most of your neighbour’s on board. Hi Ho Hi Ho Trudeau has to go.
        I imagine once more people see these signs they will want some too. Hopefully this could go viral. One has to start somewhere. I live in a small town so mire than likely these signs will be newsworthy enough to be placed in the newspaper! Best idea I’ve heard yet as to how to get Trudeau has to go a movement. Thanks for replying to my comment and giving me this idea. I you like it let me know and maybe we could do a joint effort. Thanks. 😀

      • Canadian says:

        That’s just a suggestion. I believe some signs need to say Canada as Trudeau is pulling off most of his shit while hidden behind the USA crap. People are so focused on the USA right now. Most don’t realize what Trudeau is doing until it’s done. Trudeau is going to destroy Canada, just like his useless old man or worse. He definitely wants to destroy the west.

      • Canadian says:

        I am pretty sure that English speaking Canadians still have a right to peaceful freedom of speech.One only hopes that if the peaceful demonstrations get to big that it doesn’t shut down the Canadian economy for to long. As Trudeau could quickly lose a lot of money. He might even have to cancel a few trips from lack of money. But I am sure he has at least 20 million in the Pierre Elliot Trudeau fund by now. He can always ask George Soros for more money. I still have trouble with Canada voting in a Ballay Teacher for this top job. They call him the sexiest Prime Minister ever. I believe he is Canada’s biggest embarrassment in Canadian history. A liar and thief.

  14. Dean Dupuis says:

    Please everyone go to Change.org and sign the petition to have Justin Trudeau removed as PM

  15. Willie makeit says:

    He is a complete idiot who can’t run a shithouse let alone Canada get him and his Muslim budddys out of canada he cuts us white Canadians while he gives and protects them it’s cultural genocide against us whites time to impeach daddy’s boy and get a man to run the country we need our own trump at least he got balls

  16. Mike Sullivan says:

    I couldn’t agree more, but never underestimate the ignorance of the people, who put more importance on appearance than substance. Also the simple servants will always vote their self interest before country. Then the media will complete the process. We threw out a far superior leader than this actor.

  17. Katherine D says:

    I am literally sick to death of Justin Trudeau. This individual is irrevocably change in Canada for the worse. He emphasizes more unloading on Canadians into this country while we fit the bill for it then anything else on the agenda. Thus leading us into more deficit. This person is not for filled one single campaign promise sense elected. Not only that But I find Canada as a whole is changing and certainly not for the better. We are now passing bills in the house of commons that limits freedom of speech. This democratic socialist country is well on the verge of communism. My brothers and sisters who died during the first and second world wars for our freedom would be rolling over in their graves to see the Canada that it has become today.

  18. V Kings says:

    To Canadian that suggest songs of HI HO HI HO, – That is funny but does not work, only an armed revolution. Dictadors and traitors can not be removed with diplomacy or kind words. JT is a copycat of Angela Merkel, they have the same goal and maybe they are paid by Soros and other Jews. Only by force the people can send them out. In other countries people insult their rulers everyday and make big protests, but they never quit their jobs. In USA millions asked Obama to leave, – he stayed in W House for 8 years.

  19. Canadian says:

    I appreciate your return comment.
    Maybe next time you can run for the Prime Ministers chair. Maybe I will vote for you. Sounds like you have all the answers, but like most Canadians, no guts to make a difference. Our best bet would be for the U.S. To take over Western Canada

  20. Canadian says:

    Is there any chance that Trudeau could be sent to one of these u n camps where he could experience what these poor Christians are are receiving. No human being should ever suffer at the hand of another. I am a little confused though. I thought becoming a prime minister was a privilege to look after the interests of Canadians.I never realized the job had anything to do with religion or faith. I myself do not believe in religion but believe that is a personal choice for each individual . Just like voting is. Facts are, it doesn’t matter what Trudeaus beliefs are. Face it he is like his old man. A useless asshole. For get about religion for now and focus on getting rid of Trudeau. Stand together, and pretend that’s our new religion . Which is in unity to get rid of Trudeau.. Even the goats are raped in u n camps. Maybe Trudeau would be a good camp councillor . Canadians must stand together before religion to oust Trudeau

    • Arlette King says:

      We as Canadians are too kind, compliant , we don’t like to make a fuss. We are better followers than leaders. Know anyone strong enough to lead a campaign against J.T. ? we have to get him out before next election. He gave the immigrants the vote, so he will be voted back in.

  21. Canadian says:

    Yes I do, Join the U.S. And Donald Trump will deal with Trudeau with in five minutes

    • arla7247 says:

      I am American , but have lived in Canada for 40 years , it would be simple to go back. I don’t want to abandon my beloved Canada

  22. Canadian says:

    I don’t believe that if we joined the U.S. Now, we would be abandoneding Canada, but rather saving what’s left.The new U.S. Would kick out all the garbage. Then we would have two borders. Russia/Alaska and of course Southern U.S. / Mexico. One big powerful Country. No more Ballet teachers will ruin our lives ever again. Unlimited travel opportunities. Jobs every where for all of us American Citizens. I say take over Canada and slam the incoming border doors. Leave the exit doors unlocked. Get real tough on crime. I was born in Canada in 1953. I am very ready for this change. They used to talk about those distant communist countries while I was growing up, only to realize to late that Canada is one of them. Our freedom is gone now. So I say join the USA as bigger now is better.

    • staffordmotion says:

      You are absolutely correct sir! I was born in Toronto back in 1949 when Ontario was a rich, successful Province but so sad to see it basically destroyed over the years especially now by trudope and lezzie wynne. I became a permanent U.S. resident in 1989 and currently living in Ocala, Florida “The World Capital for all Horses”. Everything about real life in America is great and even better now that we have President Trump and his outstanding team. Canadians love to brag about how liberal their drug laws are but marijuana is now legal in 9 States but trudope still hasn’t followed through on his big campaign promise and weed is still illegal in Canada. Canadians love to brag about their free healthcare but care is rationed in Canada and I believe even seniors have to pay something for prescriptions. I have any Dr. I want immediately when I need them and Medicare and Medicaid pays everything 100% also no delays getting into a hospital. Also with my no cost Rx insurance I pay $0.00 for any prescriptions I fill. As a matter of fact I just got my statement for the first quarter of 2017 and they paid $94,000.00 for my Rx’s and not a dime from me. So tell me Canada how is your healthcare better?? Hmmmm….. American’s treasure their rights and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution and law. They will fight hard if there is even a hint of them being reduced or taken away and of course we have the incredible Supreme Court that keeps all American’s in line from the President to the corporations to Joe Average. We are a nation of laws and we are all equal.
      Everyday I hear of all the things going wrong in Canada and it is happening every damn day!! Across the country! The only hope for true Canadians is to finally stand up and stop being forever complacent like you have for decades and take your country back. Or you can make all your lives great by simply joining the United Sates, if they even want you!

  23. Barry Munroe says:

    I’m still shocked that Trudeau is my PM. I have no respect for the man. I hope all those Canadians who voted for the pretty boy air head finely realized what they have done to Canada. God help us.

  24. Myke Fuller says:

    I couldn’t agree more!
    Just like his father…
    Shake your hand and piss on your leg kinda people!
    NOT Canadian!
    I could say WAY more but would most likely get arrested for my views…

    • arla7247 says:

      we are trying to stop that shmuck. We had a petition on Change, org. The government won’t accept it. We have one started on the government e-petition site. They make it really difficult, besides writing correctly , getting the signatures , you also have to get a member of parliament to announce in the house of commons. I am so happy , someone else did all that . So we just need to get signatures. Please sign it and pass along



    • Jo says:

      Congrats… Well written…. Right smack to the facts which are all true….. Trudeau and his uh’s, uh’s, uh’s and other hum moments is embarrassing…. But this is minor compared to what he’s doing… Try and ending to this one…. I love Canada because…………. It’s getting harder and harder to come up with an ending…. My Great Grandfather and Father who both fought in the wars to give us our freedom of speech and our rights to stand tall and be proud of Canada are rolling in their graves now…… OMG…. What is the country going to be like in 20 short years if the Liberals stay in control.. I shudder to think……

      • staffordmotion says:

        Dear Jo, I admire you 110%! You are absolutely correct and as I state often, “Canada is on a fast freight to HELL!” Real Canadians need to get over their historical complacent attitude and take their country back. It is simply not right as Canada has endless land, precious natural resources from oil to hydro electricity and historically wonderful, hard working people. The liberals, useless moron trudope and his evil cronies along with wynne [lesbian daughter of Satan] and Nutley in Alberta are all destroying the great nation of Canada. Wake up Canada before you go down the toilet!

  26. Tisha says:

    Well said.. and that folks is common sense!

  27. Concerned Canadian says:

    Research Justin Trudeau’s policy : ‘A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian’. It should deeply concern every peace loving Canadian. Our PM says the Liberals believe ‘convicted’ terrorists should keep their Canadian Citizenship and he will take on anyone who disagrees with him. I don’t agree and neither did Prime Minister Harper. The Liberals don’t have to do this – they want to. Why can’t we revoke the Canadian citizenship of a person who lies to our government about who they really are so they can enter our great country only to then try to kill us, maim us and destroy our Canadian way of life? How were these terrorists vetted? How did Rehab Dughmosh slip through – you know, the Syrian refugee who tried to kill people in the name of ISIS in a Canadian Tire in June? The terrorists will eventually get out of prison although Trudeau would like Canadians to think they’re incarcerated for life – not so, they get to apply for parole at some point. Mr. Harper had the backbone to strip terrorists of their citizenship and send them packing once they completed their sentence. Do we even have the resources to watch convicted terrorists 24/7 once they are out? Would the Liberals consider that a violation of their rights under the Charter? It’s bad enough when unknown terrorists hide among us passing themselves off as good Canadians, but when we know who they are and what they’ve done, why should they get to stay??? Do they no longer have murder on their minds and in their hearts? Do we cease to be infidels to them? Bleeding heart Liberals. I’m voting Conservative in 2019.

  28. Janice Turnee says:

    I agree with most that is said. Trudeau has already destroyed this country. With his loose attitude with border jumpers crossing over. God knows where these people came from, are they carrying diseases etc. Of course the taxpayer’s will foot the bill. God help us all.

  29. Frank says:

    So yah…. All I hear about are the sierrians. Don’t we secretly have thousands of aboriginal ( original canadians ) starving on reserves all over the place ??? Why the hell the men coming with the women and children ? Turn the fuck around and go straighten out your own country buddy ! We’ll watch your wife and kids… So instead we turn canada into the fucking U.K… How did taking these people in help the U.K. exactly ? I think the more important thing to ask is how have these people contributed and how much have they taken and messed up. Unfortunatelt we aren’t allowed saying the word Islam ( see recent legislation limiting speech by canadians ) or noticing some shit like your kid is the only white english or french speaking kid in the class ? Why did I have 2 great uncles and 2 grandparents die in the great wars ? They died so that I would never afford a house or afford retirement ( they up’d the age ) and then the country that sent them to die sold it all to Asia a few years later… ???!!!??? As a Canadian that can do basic math I’m telling you all this has to stop. There’s being kind and wanting the world to be a “special” place for all but in the end facts, numbers, and human nature dont lie. Anyone who’s family has been here for a hundred years or more is getting the shaft be they white brown red or black. Put your fuckin phones down and look around for God’s sake !

  30. Pingback: Conservatives Be Conservative - Liberals Care About Power Not People - Conservative News & Right Wing News | Gun Laws & Rights News Site : Conservative News & Right Wing News | Gun Laws & Rights News Site

  31. Barney Rubble says:

    This little bastard is worse than his old man.
    I heard he was a bouncer(Where? Chuckie Chesse?) what a piece of
    Shit!! (Big Time)

    He hasn’t worked a day in his life!

    Please someone get rid of him quick!

    A concerned CANADIAN !!!

  32. Thomas Bell says:

    God help us. Totally defenceless a public apparently indifferent and a imbicile supposedly our leafer. No free speech. No real economic vision no border integrity what so ever no guts. Govered by an unelected Gerald Butts. I have the answer but nay I dare speak..

  33. Tired of Trudeau says:

    The liberal government is bankrupting our country… let’s call it vote buying! They are creating a huge deficit and are looking for more ways of taxing all of us! If you see the most recent taxing scheme… taxing more heavily the small business owners!!! The liberals have almost bankrupted all of us who run small businesses and we have nothing more to bleed for them! Being in Alberta with a NDP socialist provincial government who are creating a huge deficit and doing squat for our virtually bankrupted oil industry! Add to that Mr. premier with the nice hair and about the same brain cell count his father had… and with his liberal cabinet that cares squat one for the west… we might as well just all close our doors, lay off our employees and collect the “dole”!!!!
    Yet despite the fact that we in Alberta have a useless provincial government and… the federal liberals under Trudeau are useless!!! We daily get out of bed… and with some pride and some grit… we keep going… struggling to stay afloat…. because millions on welfare (and government) depend on idiots like us to keep the “lights on” in our country!!!

  34. Steve says:

    Never in my life have I wanted the concept of karma to be a tangible and real “thing”. I hate this guy soooo much that I cannot even listen to his voice. Were I offered a way to take this sack of crap out I would gladly step up. I would love to kick him straight in the nuts and burn everything he owns to the ground

  35. Dave says:

    Who gives a shit

  36. Anon says:

    No one will like this but what we need is to redifine canada. After the 2nd world war we had one of the largest armies and navies in rhe world. Out country was prosperous law abiding and progressive. We had a big jump in aerospace and nuclear industtries and all the natural wealth and beauty a nation could hope for.
    We have squandered all of these fine things away and are now in the position of being defenceless resource suppliers reliant on others for our very existence the quality of which is in decline.
    Our elected officials have sold us out and continue to do so.
    What would be in our self interest would be to do the following.

    Firstly learn to defend ourselves. We are like a fat sheep among wolves and as th world continues to grow we will be a target for land and resources to all who have wasted theor own
    We should build a formidable defensive military and integrate the effort in such a way as to benefit oue struggling economy.
    Manditory service for 2 years in the military in exchange unlimited free education, for life M
    Not all of this need be for gun toting grunts although all should be trained.
    Enginering and public service infrastructure work come to mind.
    A bit of hard work would not harm our youth and the pratical skills and indeed the moral education of being of service to community would not hurt nor would a bit of discipline.
    To b clear i am not speaking of an army to engage in global wars or concerns and indeed that would be utterly counter productive and something i am opposed to. We simply need to be able to d fend ourselv s agains all comers.
    This would also bootstrap a myriad of industries.

    Next we whould focus on internal self sufficiency.
    This land is incredibly abundant. There is absolutley no need for want.
    Food fuel housing and industry should first and foremost be oriented towards providing for internal needs. The surplus can be used in commerce with ofher nations and where deemed appropriate to help elevate other nations truly in need of such and capable of utilizing it to lift themselves up.
    In all efforts we should asca prime directive carry the goal of restoring and maintaining in responsible and accountable stewardship the care of the source of our abundance, namely the lands and waters and the very air we breathe.
    In this aspect we can peqrn from and make amends to the first inhabitants of this land by allowing this effort to be guid d by our first nations this restoring this community to its rightful role in working partnership with the country ad a whole as one people finally.
    Unpopular as it may sound in the current environment we should also closely limit and ett immigration until we can categoricaly say we have eradicate d outcown internql probpems of unemployment poverty and all th orher pressing issues at hand. We cannot open out doors to the worlds needy while our own people go neglected and while we have insufficient prosperity to gainfully employ newcomers. It does not make sense and is anr cipiencor disaster.

    In doing the above ( and that will me angentational task) we may well redifine the basis of our economy and move away from the consumer based economy we engage in. Ever incr asing consumption as a basis for economies is simply madness as it has the same outcome as malignant cancer. We need to find a new reason for getting up in th morning.
    A good place to start would b to provide for ourselves and be strong and internally self supporting and self sufficient.

  37. Brian says:

    Nothing like hitting the nail on the head Keven.
    Politicians pass laws to protect fools just like him and with that said, it harms the rest of humanity. This jack ass needs to be removed from office before he ruins our nation.

  38. Pat says:

    Justin Trudeau is a national disgrace. He is a leftist SJW feminist asshole. In other words a vanilla version of that Nigger who occupied the White House for eight years.

  39. Lance Schwerdfager says:

    Now that Doug Ford is the Ontario Progressive Conservative party leader, maybe Ontario just might have a chance to climb out of the swamp with the rest of Canada to follow. A bit of “common sense” may just have entered the picture.

  40. bill baker says:

    I am encouraged that another Canadian feels the same visceral disgust that I feel for Justin Trudeau.

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