Liberal Party Hypocrisy

ljthyp1Liberals really are a bunch of hypocrites.

Last Thursday, Justin Trudeau and his band of happy-go-lucky nitwits visited the Shoal Lake Reserve. Which in-and-of itself is perfectly fine and expected of a Prime Minister.

However, this event was closed to all media outlets except Vice Canada. No pool camera, no other media, not even the CBC was allowed to follow the P.M. on his trip. Even the APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) was actually kicked out by security. Yes, you read that correctly; an Aboriginal TV network on a Reserve was denied access.

Now, pretend for a minute if you will that it wasn’t Trudeau who made the trip, but rather former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Oh the outrage! Harper is muzzling reporters! There is no accountability without independent journalists!! Harper doesn’t care about Aboriginals, all he cares about is a photo-op.

Yet it wasn’t Harper; it was media darling Trudeau. So there is no outrage or any suggestion that Trudeau is literally muzzling reporters.

If that’s not a double standard; I don’t know what is.

And to further illustrate the hypocrisy of the Liberals, they ended the previous Conservative government’s First Nations Transparency Act.

After campaigning on more openness and transparency in all government, Trudeau blatantly flies in the opposite direction. The Liberals have clearly decided that a lack of transparency is actually best for taxpayers.

Taxpayers send millions of dollars to First Nations Reserves, and we once had the ability to learn how that money was being spent; now we have no clue. Are the Band Councils spending that money on their people or are they buying Cadillacs for themselves while their people continue to live in squalor? We’ll never know. It certainly seems Trudeau likes to preach transparency, but doesn’t understand what that word means; or just doesn’t care.

It also seems Liberals love putting people in prison. Liberals traditionally rail against incarceration; in favour of re-education.

The Harper Conservatives ended the Long Form Census and ended the threat of throwing citizens into the stockade; yet in what can only be described as some orgasmic afternoon delight with dear leader, liberal supporters are only too happy to accept they must complete this re-introduction of the LFC and those who fail to comply must go directly to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars, go directly to jail; failure to complete the Long Form Census could very well result in your incarceration.  And liberals couldn’t be happier.

And now, we have a Liberal Finance Minister who really could care less about budget deficits and debt.  While that party used to rail against the Conservatives for not balancing the budget.

“Clearly the members from the other side are still stuck in this whole balanced budget thing”  — Finance Minister Bill Morneau

So, in other words, it is perfectly fine for the liberals to run deficits, but OMG totally not okay for the Conservatives!

The Liberal Party, in all its members and party supporters, are hypocrites.  They are the epitome of the “DO AS I SAY AND NOT AS I DO” crowd.

Just don’t ask a Liberal to explain this double standard; for you shall be labelled a racist bigot.  Remember, liberals are above us all!

To this day, I am still utterly appalled and disgusted at the hypocrisy and double standards of the Liberal Party.  But what really churns my stomach is that so many Canadians actually voted for these clowns.  And it really boils my blood that the mainstream media still worship the Liberals when the evidence of duplicity is placed squarely before their eyes.


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