You Did It Folks! move over!  Canadian Common Sense can boast about the fact that we are now 100% crowd-funded!

7584087_1449975264.757Through your generous donations, we are able to keep this Blog alive!

It was awesome folks like yourself that allowed us to truly own the phrase, “by Canadians, for Canadians”.

We couldn’t have come this far without your dedication in support.

If ever you needed proof that your actions, your participation matters, then look no further than right here!

We will continue the good fight.  We will continue to stand up for conservative values and common sense in government.  Head on over to our Facebook Page and give us a LIKE!  Be sure to keep up to date by following us on Twitter @KTVHaris!

I truly wish words could be sufficient to convey my sincere appreciation for your tireless efforts.  Thank-you!

Always and Forever on Your Side,

Kevin Harris

P.S.  Do you have a passion for writing?  Would you be interested in joining our small but growing team?  If you’d like to use your voice, I’ve got a forum!  Drop me a line at

P.P.S.  Canadian Common Sense relies entirely on donations to operate.  Please consider donating $10 or $20 dollars to aid us in always fighting the good fight.  Remember, we’re always and forever on side with Canadian Common Sense.

About Kevin

Kevin is a Canadian citizen, writer & blogger.
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One Response to You Did It Folks!

  1. patpeeves says:

    common sense ain’t so common, I’ll buy some

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