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Are we worthy of our Freedom?

There is a video that has been making the rounds of facebook, that asks a very important question. Does this generation [ ours ] deserve the freedom we enjoy that was won for us at so high a price by … Continue reading

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What I Want

While I was in church today doing my best to pay attention to the homily, I couldn’t keep my mind from bringing up an image that has haunted me for three days now. It was a short video on face … Continue reading

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Five Pillars of Conservatism

TheĀ Five Pillars of Conservatism 1. The belief in the inalienable right of every man to succeed or fail, based on his own talents without undue interference by the state. 2. Belief in the standard of merit is the only viable … Continue reading

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The Way Back

Last night in Ottawa the peace tower and parliament hill where lit up with fireworks, pictures of Frosty the snowman and other “festive” images to help people celebrate the holidays. Now I can’t say for sure of course, I watched … Continue reading

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